Batman: Arkham City Review

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4 Comments to Batman: Arkham City Review

  1. Batman didn’t intentionally team up with Bane, he only ran those errands so he and Bane could round up the remaining titans and then Batman could blow up the titans before Bane could use them to his advantage. Bruce knew Bane was going to turn on him!

  2. jesus2.lopez

    I have been anticipating Batman: Arkham City
    ever since I finished the last one; Arkham Asylum. I have very excited since
    this one takes place all over Gotham so you
    can run around the city as the Dark Knight. I am definitely putting this game
    at the top of my Blockbuster queue list. I have had Blockbuster for a while and
    mostly because I can also rent movies and blu-rays at the same price. As a DISH
    customer/employee, it’s easy to get tired of TV, so Blockbuster Movie
    Pass helps to mix things
    up. I now get access to online content and new channels and also I can rent
    movies and games through the mail.

  3. Great review. Thanks. I bought it already but hadn’t had the chance to start playing it….can’t wait.

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