Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet (hands on)

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4 Comments to Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet (hands on)

  1. The Nook is impressive. Even more so when you consider the corporate flux B&N has been going through while Amazon enjoys the lead. The Fire is quite nice as well but you need to decide how reliant you want to be on Amazon for your content/etc.

    The BlackBerry PlayBook is a great alternative to both (crazy discounting right now) if you’re looking to get a higher performance machine that isn’t hitched to a specific vendor for your content. 

  2. The new Nook Tablet looks cool enough. I had the wifi Nook for a while, but it’s too clunky and heavy. I don’t recommend it, but I will miss the PDF clarity on it.  I bought a new Kobo ereader last month. It’s great for epubs and is probably the best e reader for that. Very light.  Unfortunately, the PDF reader on the Kobo is a bad joke. Kobo management must have had total contempt for the consumer. I’m not joking. The Kobo PDF reader is basically useless. All my good PDFs gone. Unreadable. Let’s hope a firmware update can fix it. Shame on Kobo for this!

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