Amazon Prime Streaming vs Netflix (comparison)

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Kristie Bertucci is an L.A.-based writer, who can't live without her MacBook Pro. When she's not writing, she's either reading or shopping (online, of course) and loves lazy days so she can catch up on her DVR-recorded shows and movies. She's definitely a Mac girl, she loves music and is currently on a mission to to have an insane and enviable iTunes library.

27 Comments to Amazon Prime Streaming vs Netflix (comparison)

  1. writing a year later I will say this: I have both Netflix and Amazon Prime accounts and there is no comparison. I can usually find something good on Netflix. In two years of trying on Amazon Prime I have only been able to find one or two movies that I had even a slight interest in seeing. I can’t even seem to find older movies that I want to see. I am a Prime member for the shipping benefits and don’t regret it, but I think you will be disappointed if you join to get the free videos.

  2. Thomas Gagne

    Interesting endorsement of Netflix, but I think the ultimate test is which moves they have–or don’t have to watch instantly.

    The Godfather? Lord of the Rings? Kings of New York? Spiderwyck Chronicles? Netflix doesn’t have them, Amazon does. What the heck?

  3. Netflix sucks

    Netflix is terrible. They made the huuuge mistake of making existing customers pay more for less of a product. Even if Netflix went back to the 7.99 for both streaming and DVD rentals I wouldnt go back to them. Amazon prime has better movies and comes with a lot more perks!

  4. Felopton

    Hard to compare the two on content. Netflix has a lot of movies, but only if you are looking for such gems as Transmorphers or Apocalypse 2012. They cram their selection with horrible low budget knockoffs of popular movies that they don’t stream.

  5. this is a bit of an odd relationship[Amazon and Netflix].  Netflix uses Amazon’s EC2 and S3 infrastructure to deliver content to customers. 

    So in fact when you hit play to watch your favorite Netflix show it’s Amazons servers and bandwidth that goes to your house.

    As a 8 year netflix customer who barely uses the service that i pay for, I would give Amazon a try as soon as an app is available for my TV, sorry no more boxes.

  6. Amazon prime.. the selection stinks and $2 AN EPISODE to watch TV show reruns? Huh? I don’t think so.  Many popular shows have hundreds of episodes.  I want to see them not become an investor.

  7. Amazon Prime seems like a good deal since free shipping is included in the price.  After using this, I don’t think it’s such a great deal, though.  I’ve noticed that many of the products on Amazon that have free “Prime” shipping are priced higher.  It’s as if they’ve added the shipping costs in the price of the item.  I don’t see how that’s much of a savings to have a Prime account. 

    • GuestyMcGuestington

      only items offered by amazon can use the 2day free shipping.  individuals can sell their items on amazon also, but you have to pay for regular shipping costs

    • I live in a rural area where shopping is pretty much limited to the closest Wal-Mart.

      My Amazon prime account gets very heavy usage.   Before I purchase anything using Amazon prime I do a search for competitive prices on the net.  9 times out of 10 the prime price is as good or better.

      If you set up payment through an Amazon Chase card, which I auto pays the balance every month, you start racking up purchase credits.  Over the last two years I bet I’ve earned over $500.00 in just these credits wiping out my entire prime fee charges and more.

      I don’t mean to sound like a commercial for Amazon but when you also consider the reliability of shipping and return, their awesome selection and user comments they’re hard to beat.

  8. Does Amazon Prime allow separate streaming profiles?  The biggest drawback to Netflix is that only the master account can stream and all of the recently watched titles are shown right at the top of the screen.  This isn’t good when you have younger kids and don’t want them to see what you watched after they went to bed last night.

  9. Trying to Decide

    I would be interested in comparing the price of the non-streaming from each option – Netflix you pay more per month and have to wait for the DVD in the mail and send them back, while Amazon you pay a few dollars to rent instantly. So you only pay for the rental of the movies/shows you actually watch. Heavier watchers may come out ahead with Netflix, while those who don’t watch as much with Amazon paying a few dollars once in a while. This is something each person will have to figure out based on their own usage but would be a good point to consider.

    • but the turn around time on the DVD in the mail is 2 days. I put it in the mail they have it and send out my next selection the next day. I always have a hard disc for the weekend.  This may get slower due to drastic cuts the postal service is planning on making.

  10. Nice article but seems to be a little Netflix biased.  If something is a tie, it is a tie, you don’t award it to someone because they have been around longer on an assumption that they are more reliable.  Amazon has been in the internet business for a long time and knows about how to keep servers up and reliable.  Don’t discredit them just because you can’t point out a clear winner.

    Something that would help your credibility…  do a little research and give numbers of tv episodes and movies each provide.  I know that is something I would like to know.  Some people are more movie watchers than TV watchers and vice versa.  Depending on the content swing that way is who you would give the advantage to.  It isn’t a cut and dry X has more content than Y.  You could even break it down a little further and look at current content for movies and genre.  Company X may have 20,000 movies and TV episodes, but all their movies could be foreign documentaries and their TV content may be all TV episodes geared at children ages 2-6. 

    I hope you see where I am coming from with this. 

    Even with this constructive criticism, you had a decent article, but it could have been summed up in a side by side chart and the user could have decided there instead of your advantage/disadvantage comments.

      • How so? He simply put in his opinion, he was giving criticism for the sake of helping the writer look upon a few points they could improve on for further articles. Even at that arrogance would not be the correct term

    • TheJunkie

      The review may not be perfect, but this comment is just horrible.
      It doesn’t even look like you are looking for a review.
      You just wanted to post to show your ignorance.

  11. Nice review.

    I agree with each of the points, although Amazon Prime Streaming quality is smoother (perhaps due to lower video quality?). As a long time Amazon Prime member who recently dropped Netflix, I’m extremely satisfied with Amazon content and quality. I do not see returning to Netflix.

  12. All good but the limitation part you missed a big thing. Netflix does not work on Linux. There are a lot more Linux users then everyone reports.

  13. Good article, thanks for the thorough analysis – saves me some time.  Suggestion: Have someone edit your stuff before publishing – hard to read through the errors and such.  In your Background paragraph, for example, you have the sentence “But the DVD service.”  Still, a very good article.

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