It’s “Movember” and to acknowledge the month-long event that was conceived in 1999 by a bunch of Australians trying to raise money for prostate and testicular cancer by growing out their ’staches, we’ve come up with a cool list of grooming tech. So when your ’stache is full and hairy by December and you’re done collecting all those donations, you can fully primp and get clean the right way!

10. Moustache Comb Neckless

This will actually come in handy while your growing out that massive ’stache for Movember actually! Not only is it a comb, but you can also use it as a cool piece of jewelry and travel with it anywhere! Each Moustache Comb Neckless is actually handcrafted in solid silver and sells for $168. It measures 2 x 2 inches and hangs on a 35-inch chain. Essentially, it’s grooming meets style!

9. GoteeSaver

For only $19.99, the GoteeSaver is said to “revolutionize the way you shave and trim your goatee.” That’s a huge claim if you think of it, but makers of the product might have created a pretty odd-looking shaver, but it does the trick to keep your gotee looking crisp and clean. The GoteeSaver can be customized to your face in seconds, with three easy adjustments. Basically, all you do is slide it over your mouth and shave it until it’s perfect. Just make sure no one sees you doing this ’cause it still looks weird.

8. USB Electric Razor

Shaving on the goal is easy and simple thanks to the USB Electric Razor that’s designed to charge via USB, making it a great traveling companion. For $28 bucks, it’s quite a novel ideal and will probably revolutionize the whole men’s grooming industry. It might not be much now, but in years to come, all shavers will probably be able to charge via USB and this is that pioneer groomer that will be your new best friend!

7. BladeBuddy

Say goodbye to disposable razors thanks to the BladeBuddy that promises to save you money while saving the world since it’s supposed to increase the life of disposable razor blades. It promises to extend the life of your razor blades by months since it straightens the blade that usually bends after a few shaves, so that it’s like practically new again! All you need to do to use it is lube it up with some shaving cream, set the blade flat on the surface and push it forward, with light but consistent pressure at a moderate speed.  Repeat this 15-20 times and you should have a like new razor. And for $19.99, you can’t go wrong!

6. Carzor

The Carzor is a razor and a mirror that snaps together into a card, and fits into your wallet, making for the perfect on-the-go razor when you’re in need of a quick clean up for impromptu meetings or dates! The blades are stored safely behind the mirror while it’s in your pocket, and it’s easy to use. When you detach the razor part of the card, the rest can be used as a mirror, and it will fit snugly in your wallet. You can even choose how to scent the razor, with mint, sandal, lemon, ocean, and orange options.

5. Freedom Dynamo Electric Razor

For those who are more eco-conscious, the Freedom Dynamo Electric Razor is an electric razor that costs $49.00. The electric razor kit includes new blades, a mirror, travel case and even a 12V adaptors so you can charge while in the car on the way to work or just about anywhere!

4. Braun MobileShave

Here’s another electric razor that’s great for the man always on the goal given it’s compact and ideal for traveling. It also features Braun’s SmartFoilTM technology designed to let you shave closer with less irritation. It’s washable and comes with a protective twist cap, perfect for travel.

3. Wahl Lithium Ion Stainless Steel Trimmer

The Wahl Lithium Ion Stainless Steel Trimmer is powered by lithium ion technology providing an edge over standard rechargeable trimmers so that provides up to two times the run time. This means less recharging and more grooming! It provides everything you need to take care of the crazy ’stache you’ve grown over the month of November so that you’re looking like your old self just in time for the holidays!

2. Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Precision

As the first grooming tool to offer shaving, trimming and edging at the same time, the Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Precision has won just about every men’s grooming award in the last year, which should tell you just what caliber of shaver you’re dealing with. So basically, it removes your hair at the root as it shaves with its four blades, trims it for that more stubbly look and edges is with the fifth blade on top so that your face hair is looking it’s best…all on its own!

1. Remington Touch Control Beard and Stubble Trimmer

Grooming products are getting more high tech and Remington’s Touch Control Beard and Stubble Trimmer incorporates a touchscreen so that you can make and view your beard adjustments at the touch of a finger. It also features up to 175 different length options that range from 0.4 to 18mm, helping you hedge your ’stache to perfection! Thanks to its 40-minute battery that charges by USB means you can take it anywhere your laptop goes!


Kristie Bertucci

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