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Epson Moverio Big Screen Glasses

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How would you like to surf the web on a 320-inch screen? Yesterday, Epson announced the Moverio, a pair of glasses which are equipped with two 0.52-inch displays, both running a 960×540 resolution.  They say it can simulate up to a 26.5-foot screen viewed from a distance of 20 meters. Included in...

Polaroid Z340

Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera


Hand a ZINK printer to one of your parents and they’ll probably look at you dumbfounded.  Hand a Polaroid camera to them, though, and they’ll know instantly what to do with it.  Polaroid, a company that killed off one of their core product offerings to make way for the digital...


How to Download iOS 5.0.1 Directly to Your iPhone (how to)


So today Apple finally released an update to iOS 5, which supposedly and hopefully fixes the battery woes many of you are experienceing.  They’re also adding multitasking gestures for the original iPad; a resolve for a bug that caused issue with documents in the cloud; and improved SIRI dictation for...


Swivl: A Pocket Sized Robotic Camera Man (video)


Video bloggers, otherwise known as Vloggers, has long been a solo job.  Unless of course your Vlog garners hundreds of thousands of views, then you can probably afford a production team, or at the very least a friend to hold the camera. For those of you lacking Internet fame, you’ll...


Leeners 3 Gallon “Personal Meadery” Kit Review


Since I’ve been doing a lot of different homebrew beer kit reviews, it was nice to finally have another option of something to do.  For those that don’t know, mead is the oldest known alcoholic drink that man has consumed.  While many people think that mead tastes like grape wine,...

iPod Nano 7th Gen

iPod Nano (7th Generation) Review


Last year’s iPod Nano was Excellent. It was a big step forward for Apple, as they returned the device back to it’s roots of music player first, everything else second. Half the weight and size was dropped along with the VGA video camera, scroll wheel and video playback, replaced by...

Clyde St Messenger

Clyde St. Messenger Review


It’s hard to find a bag that’s both comfortable to carry and capable of meeting your actual daily needs. I’ve relied on messengers and backpacks, slings and camera cases, some bad and more worse. There’s often a light at the end of the tunnel, but how the hell do you...