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Boxing Robots Make “Real Steel”…Real


Watching Hugh Jackman pound robot heads into submission last month didn’t quite fill our mechanized fighting needs.  These Bionic Bopper Cars from Hammacher will surely fill the void, though. Remember bumper cars?  Add a head, robotic arms and a joystick and you’ve got two fighting robots that can move left, right,...

dont disturb chalk board hanger

Do Not Disturb Chalk Board


Hotels have caught on to guests stealing their Do Not Disturb door hangers.  As a result, most have opted for a version that fits into the key card slot.  And not only does it prevent the theft of the signs, but it saves on paper.  No matter, because you’re best...


Amazon Prime Streaming vs Netflix (comparison)


Blockbuster killed the mom and pop video shops of the late-80s and early-90s, but Netflix came along in 1999, when it started its subscription-based digital distribution service and quickly shut down Blockbuster and its video reign. Now, Netflix has become the industry leader in video distribution, with more than 23.6...

BiKN Tracker

BiKN Device Tracker (video)


Those of the absent minded ilk will surely take solace in the BiKN.  It’s an iPhone case that can not only keep tabs on your gear, but helps you locate it in the event that you misplace the item in between a seat cushion or leave a set of keys...


ZEMGEAR 360 Ninja Split Shoes


Vibram’s Five Finger shoes have exploded in popularity in the last few years. Hit the gym, or the trail and you’ll see what we mean.  A drawback of those particular shoes, though, is cramming your feet into each toe hole.  While not impossible to do, and surely something you’ll become acclimated too...


Child’s Play Starts Fundraising Drive


With the chaos of my last weekend, somehow this one slid unnoticed into my inbox.  Now here at GadgetReview, we’re always ready to help out a worthwhile cause, and in my opinion, the folks at Child’s Play have one of the most worthwhile causes I’ve seen.  In case you don’t...

Hot Rod Coffee Mug

Self Heating Coffee Mug


Refrigerators aren’t all that uncommon in some of today’s cars.  They can keep beverages and snacks cold on a long car ride and pretty much all but ensure that your kiddies won’t get sick from turned mayo.  But hot drinks can take a serious backseat, that is unless of course...


Tego Audio NOVA Mini Portable Speakers Review


Time for an age check – when I was a kid, if you wanted to play your music portably and play it loud enough for the rest of the neighborhood to hear you had to use a “boom box” – a radio that at times could be so ungodly huge...