Battlefield 3 will arrive worldwide on October 25th.  And what better way to celebrate the release of the game’s 3rd installment, which looks be the most significant iteration since the first, by throwing around $650,000.  What are we talking about?

The day before the release of Battlefield 3, The Gadget Show, a popular UK television program, will show off what is being called the Ultimate Battlefield 3 simulator.  It uses an omni-directional treadmill, a special wireless gun and 10 infrared tracking cameras to track which direction the player is moving and pointing their weapon. Meanwhile, the data is sent to a PC connected to a projector which displays the game on the inside of a 360-degree, 4 meter high and 9 meter wide video dome.  But the immersion doesn’t stop there; 12 paintball markers fire in real time at the player, allowing them to enjoy the gunfire experience in the game.

So as the player walks, the ten cameras track the movement of the feet, along with the direction of which way the gun is pointing, and not only projects the image according to the direction they face, but accurately reflects this in the character’s in game movements.  They’ve also incorporated some Kinect Xbox camera hack, that enables gamers to jump and go prone if gun fire becomes to heavy.

The Gadget Show “Immersive Gaming Simulator Build” will premiere in the UK on Monday 24th October 2011 at 8pm on Channel 5.  Hopefully, they’ll post the show to YouTube.

| Via: Reddit

Christen Costa

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