A few years ago Iron Man was just a mere comic book hero.  Then Robert Downey Jr. stepped into the role and suddenly the character had become the talk of Tinseltown.  The movies we’re actually a bit of a disappointment since they were poorly directed, though Downey was easily the most readeeming factor in the whole saga.  And let’s not overlook the intro scenes of Iron Man 1, which were the most entertaining and captivating.  So, while movie one and two came and went – pending any Netflix streams that is – the Iron Man costumes continue to breathe additional life into the jet powered hero.  And what better time for a new version to arrive than a few weeks before Halloween.

The Steampunk Iron Man suit recently took the “best costume” award at the New York Comic Con.  Yes, they have a NYC Comic Con, but it can’t possibly be as epic as the San Diego version, right?  That aside, it turns out that the costume is in fact a reworked costume, from the movie “Heartless: The Story of the TinMan”.  However, the lead designer didn’t sanction the work and was completed behind his back by his ex-assistant.  Nonetheless, the costume received high praise from fans as well as Stan Lee and Jon Faveru.

Just found out that the Tin Man suit was taken and modified into an “Iron Man” suit that won the costume contest at the NY Comic Con by my ex assistant. The suit was changed without my knowledge or permission and I’m royally angered by this action. It’s also sad to see that the only screen used version of the suit that exists, is now a cheapened knock off of a popular character. I don’t get people anymore and it makes me want even more to become more reclusive.

| Via: Gizmodo

Christen Costa

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