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How to Make Free Text Tones for the iPhone


iOS 5 has arrived and withit a bevy of new options and features.  While we could go on for quite sometime waxing poetic about all 200 new features, one in particular that people have been clammering for since the iPhone’s inception are custom text tones – a God send for...


AutoSlide Glass Door (video)


Captain James T. Kirk has long enjoyed those nifty sliding doors found on the Enterprise. Jealous?  Us too.  But now you can enjoy the very same creature comforts, minus the Holodeck of course. The AutoSlide can be fixed to most manual sliding doors and as the name suggests it will...

Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset

Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset (video)

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Nokia is hardly on the cutting edge of handsets.  Heck, the company has fallen into obscurity and almost shambles, largely because they refused to adopt Android.  An over simplification?  Absolutely.  However, the company is still driving forward with new products despite their shortcomings and their latest, the Nokia Luna Bluetooth...


iSlice Box Cutter


Holy awesome box cutter! Tearing through the move in boxes can be a cumbersome process but with the iSlice (no, it’s not an Apple product) it surely will be a less painful process. It boasts an ergonomic design for added comfort and sports a dual-sided ceramic blade that supposedly last...

Garmin Forerunner 610-2

Garmin Forerunner 610 Review


It’s an understatement, but Garmin’s Forerunner GPS watches boast a vast breadth of features.  Fold in their Connect service which takes your workouts social and you’ve got a product with unrivaled info that can take any athlete to the next level.  So it was only logical that the next evolutionary...


iTar: iPad Guitar (video)


Since their inception, the iPad and iPhone have been transformed, thanks to an array of apps, into a variety of instruments.  But despite the touchscreen of these device’s boasting an unparalleled sensitivity not found in other handsets and tablets, they still lack the visceral experience many a musician have come...

Spynet Laser Wire Trip

SpyNet Laser Trip Wire (video)


Keeping the dog out of the garbage can or your cat from going through your underwear generally calls for a lock and key scenario.  But that’s hardly a geeky answer and won’t condition Rex to think twice before he digs through bacon grease and chicken bones. Enter the SpyNet Laser...