Sticker shock isn’t a term I throw around lightly, but in the case of Orb’s Mini-T, that just about perfectly sums up this speaker package.

I like the idea of the Orb Mini-T and Speaker package; uniquely round speakers with a retro like styling complemented by a stand alone amplifier.  Powering on  the system is as simple as pushing the volume knob whereupon it ejects forward and glows blue as if it were eager to be cranked.  Orb includes a set of pre cut speaker wire which only adds to the seemingly high quality build and you can power the system off a set of batteries.  However, that’s where the buck stops.

While the mids and the highs are present, there is absolutely no bass in this system. For $299 I expected much more than a pair of mediocre speakers that are, well, bright at best.  And don’t get me wrong, they don’t sound horrible, that is if they were to cost $30.  Nonetheless, even adding a subwoofer wouldn’t be able to mask their lack luster performance and exuberant sticker price.

Save your money and look else where for computer speakers.  Heck, just invest in a dock with an AUX input.  I’ve reviewed a fair bit of those, and they’re far more versatile, sound better and give you way more bang for you buck.

Editor’s Rating:

Rating: ★½☆☆☆

Below Average

Bottom Line: Overpriced speakers with sub par sound.  Invest in an iPhone speaker dock for less.


  • Appear some what high end


  • Way overpriced to say the least; $299
  • Lack luster performance; no bass whatsoever
  • Hands on they feel cheap

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