This might be the most insanely awesome LEGO build we’ve ever seen. We ain’t saying the LEGO Death Stars aren’t cool, or that the Brick Gun is anything to snuff at.  This build however takes the game to a whole new level.

The Lancer Assault Rifle is modeled after the same weapon found in the game “Gears of War”.  And much like the real working version, in the, uh, game, this one has a real deal spinning chainsaw, though it probably won’t lope off anyone’s face or finger – it’ll probably leave you with a damaged cornea or bloody lip.  A safety mechanism prevents the gun from misfiring rubber bands into people’s faces, which is the ammo of choice.  A magazine stores the rubber bands, but we’re not sure if it can hold more than one or a whole mess of the elastic critters.  But honestly, we don’t care so much about what this gun can do, but the level of detail and realism its maker has achieved despite being based on a video game.

The linked source page has a whole mess of photos detailing the build.  Unfortunately, the step-by-step process to achieve this level of awesomeness is no where to be found.  Nonetheless, our hats are off.

We know what someone is gonna be this Halloween.

Christen Costa

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