iPhone 4s vs Samsung Galaxy S II (comparison)

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iPhone 4s vs Galaxy S II
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Kristie Bertucci is an L.A.-based writer, who can't live without her MacBook Pro. When she's not writing, she's either reading or shopping (online, of course) and loves lazy days so she can catch up on her DVR-recorded shows and movies. She's definitely a Mac girl, she loves music and is currently on a mission to to have an insane and enviable iTunes library.

39 Comments to iPhone 4s vs Samsung Galaxy S II (comparison)

  1. Ganesh Kharel

    iPhone 4s is best uncompareable with Galaxy. I request to all viewer plz take 50 photoes from both mobiles and slide the photo as fast as u can using finger then u will get the result. iPhone is more than 10 times faster than Galaxy

  2. Galaxy S2 has worst graphics than 4s bcz of the weaker graphic card.But its faster overall,faster core,bigger ram.Also s2 screen is bigger and with more lively colours.Less Dpi and resolution though.Camera and video quality are almost the same with 4s taking slight advantage.(s2 with ics gets some quality boost on camera rivaling the 4s even more) Both phones are great and it comes down to personal choice.4s is maybe better for games and shooting pics/videos(difference is microscopic especialy when s2 is on Ics though)4s build quality is better but with less endurance than gs2 plastics.S2 is better to watch videos or movies ,and also better for browsing(4s is better for reading though bcz of its better dpi).Id go with the s2 bcz of its screen size and technology,and its better conectivity.But iOs fans will propably prefer the 4SI also have a feeling that iphone5 will give s3 a hard time xD.

  3. Thinglas

    Superb comparison…..It has been compared very nicely and deatiled…

    Dr.Er. T. Thinlas

  4. I recently upgraded from to the an HTC Evo to the Iphone 4s. I was not impressed, after about a week I returned the phone and bought the Galaxy. I could not go from 4g back to 3g, everything was to slow and I experienced difficulties retrieving and loading some emails. I liked the iphone’s games and apps but for work purposes I would pick the android , hands down. Maybe when apple gets 4g i will give it another shot but for now Itouch for games android for work 

  5. Solid review, good point to point comparison.  I’m sorry this review did not (like 99% of the gear reviews out their) look at and compare ease of synchronizing between phones and PC’s for all five of the Outlook /real-life basics: contacts, calendars, notes, tasks and pix/vids.  Still, a good review and helpful.  Thanks! 

  6. TechSavyNOT

    I was looking for a more personal comparison. Not a detailed one… That I could do myself…..  But thanks anyway! 

  7. the samsung galaxy S II has a 1.2 GHZ Dual core processor not a 1.5GHZ as stated in the article. not only that but the iphone 4S has 900 MHZ not 800 MHZ just thought i put that out there.

    • It actually does have a 1.5ghz processor depending on what model of the gs2 your looking at. Google the gs2 hercules (t989) that actually has a 4.56 inch screen and a 1.5ghz processor.

  8. Halfbreed_atx

    Terrible article! I’m actually looking to buy one of these phones and this article basically just repeated the specs of each phone, which can be found anywhere.  The battery section is particularly useless – so you tell us what the battery specs are, great! So how do they actually measure up during use?  This did not help me at all in my decision.

  9. Moeun_borey

    Great articles! Thanks so much! In Cambodia Samsung’s prices drop off very fast but Iphone is becoming more and more popular. But most of my friends who are using both said Galaxy sII is better. 

    • Bad King Wencelas

      Apple costs more because Apple never lowers their prices; they enforce the myth that nobody else has a product anything like them. It’s a psychological monopoly.

      •  I agree, Actually Androids lag issues were fixed by using an ext4 filesystem, My Phone (Galaxy S) doesn’t lag since I used this fix. Check out Darkys rom. This is another reason I love android, I can tinker around with it.

        • Bad King Wencelas

          You have to compare phones to similar phones; there are Android duds that cost $50 to produce, and ones on par with the iPhone. This one is on par and Samsung hasn’t stopped. Apple’s getting paranoid, though… Otherwise they wouldn’t be rabidly suing Samsung.

  10. Great article, thanks.  I am presently using a Galaxy S2 privately, and for work iPhone 4S. I gotta say I like the Samsung Galaxy S2 better for everything but games. The 4s beats on games…go figure, its the work phone!

    Daniel Eriksson
    “Lås upp din mobil”

      • it´s amazing how apple manage to make people think that they are innovating. Siri, is just another voice command assistant, the innovation is that they included stupid answers to stupid question stupid people ask. There are thousands of voice command application on the android market and in apple app store. I will agree with the article and call it a tie, just to be fair cause the Iphone is a very good device, but personally I’m a prefer the control and customization of an open source OS like Android.

        • A different Jack

          Siri may not be the only voice command out there atm but it is the best. I’ve seen a few head to head comparisons and not only does siri understand people better but it can do more clever functions with the iphone software. It actually feels almost like your iphone has a (really bland) personality while alot of other voice commands just feel like a gimmicky search feature, often just turning any query into a google search. Im no apple fanboy infact the only apple products Ive ever liked are iphones and ipods

          • Siri compared to the voice assistant in android isnt much different. Yes, it is more user friendly. So if u wanna know the weather, you would ask siri “what will the weather be like tomorow?” and for android “weather forecast for _____whatever area you live in” no big deal. That is NOT going to be a deal breaker because they both do the same thing. You just word them differently. What is a deal breaker is the amount of customizing you can do in android. All the beautiful widgets, the removable battery, flash support, and the list goes on. Galaxy s2 wins!

      • Siri has become popular because apple has focus in it and making us know the convenient way of ‘the usability’ of this thing.. but truly this is a hard choice :)

      •  While Android might not have siri, It does have something like it. It might not talk back to you but you can google search and speak text messages and other things like that. And it could be done since eclair.

    • Meghna_srikanth

      Teri maa takli Saale behenchod ! Jaa jaake angrezon Ki tatti chaat ! I have an iPhone 4S ! It’s not a luxury to have an iPhone !

  11. unless you actually test the output of the camera sensor and lens you can’t say much about them being equal, the megapixel number means very little these days.

      • Bad King Wencelas

        The little photo fixing they put into the iPhone will probably make it APPEAR better, yes. But Android users have many more options for alternative cameras and photo editors, which are more free than Apple’s counterparts.

    • Pepsi57, it really depends on you.  The iPhone 4s is great.  Sick camera, fast and Siri. On the other hand Motorola just announced the DROID RAZR, which looks amazing for an Android handset.

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