iPhone 4S vs Droid RAZR (comparison)

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iPhone 4S vs Droid Razr
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Kristie Bertucci is an L.A.-based writer, who can't live without her MacBook Pro. When she's not writing, she's either reading or shopping (online, of course) and loves lazy days so she can catch up on her DVR-recorded shows and movies. She's definitely a Mac girl, she loves music and is currently on a mission to to have an insane and enviable iTunes library.

21 Comments to iPhone 4S vs Droid RAZR (comparison)

  1. Twomuchforthus

    it is funny if you go look at there article iphone 4s vs droid razr maxx (comparison), the author James is so bias toward the iphone it is ridiculous but in this article it is toward the razr, even though the maxx is “better” then the original razr he still goes against everything she says in this one!

  2. Droid Razr is 4G….. iphone is 3G. Seems like every 6-8 months something “new/better/faster” hits the market. I just bought my Droid Razr and in 2 years when it’s time to renew my contract who knows what will be available. I do agree how sweet the Kristie Bertucci. 

  3. if you know about technology and good electronics you have to get the droid razr i have it and its great!!! i use to always want the iphone cuz all the kids was talking about it its great for kids i would say but adults droid razr is just awsome does so much and motorola has really improved and you have to like the super thin and the kevlar backing

    • People will talk about the “new next” all the time with ANY product, washers/dryers, cars, sofas, technolgy, etc…


      While an android only seems to offer more of what TRULY can be compared to the other models and previous intros, SIRI cannot be compared :)

      There is NOTHING that compares to it, case closed

      And oh, I can’t sound like a Droid Boy or Mac Man, as I don’t even OWN a smartphone! haha, but e/one would have their bias, right?  It’s all PREFERENCE no matter WHAT you’re comparing.

      “Better” is so relative, and quit trying to use one upmanship on the others’ product…so childish, geesh…get over it folks, THESE ARE ONLY PHONES!

      • Actually Siri can be compared. You don’t own a smartphone so obviously your statements are pure speculation.
        Ever heard of Vlingo? It’s pretty much Siri without the “I talk back” feature and it lacks the casual communication abilities. But at the end of the day how is Siri so a big deal? I has plenty of competition but doesnt really make the phone any better.
        And oh, fyi you don’t need to own a smartphone to b a fan boy smh all you need is to be ignorant and biased to one manufacturer. example: You to Apple lol
        There is ablsolutely NO feature on an iPhone that isn’t present on Android BUT there are tons of features on Android that you cant even get on your iPhone if you jailbroke it lol
        If the iPhone was so good than the jailbreak community wouldn’t be so huge.
        You said Android “seems” to offer more when the only feature you can name is Siri then I think it’s safe to say Android definitely offers more :D

  4. Hey! someone willing to tell it like it is! i use an iphone 4s sometimes, and a droid bionic as well. (i dont own them, my phone is the original Moto Droid, still running rock solid and overclocked) 

    I cant wait for the razr to come out, the technology in it has surpassed the iphone in almost every way. (im really not being critical, i do like the iphone. but try and argue with a dual core running 400mhz faster and the possibility of overclocking it further, and then the fact that the battery still lasts far longer than the iphones, even with a larger screen.)

  5. don’t forget Iphone doesn’t offer 4g verizon speeds…..so if you want 4g ( which makes everything the phone uses faster, because everything uses the data network.)

  6. Author seems inherently biased throughout the article. I currently have a droid x and loved it at first, after time though the flaws come out. The pre-installed card in the android phones is junk and allows files to corrupt and be lost. You can have the best specs on the market, but if they are not utilized correctly it means absolutely nothing. Apple develops and works with all aspects of their phones so integration of their software and hardware.

  7. You may want to mention iCloud where you talk about MotoCast, as they sound like they offer similar benefits, though obviously not the same system.

    I find this to be a really tough choice, one I’m currently contemplating. One might also mention the the iPhone is generally a very solid, stable device (though I find the interface pretty boring), while the Moto phones are generally full of bugs that need to be worked out over time.

    I’m tempted to go with the iPhone, coming from a first-gen Android phone, then possibly going back to Android after it matures a bit more. Android is very much still an infant, and in many cases, is growing so fast it’s having a hard time keeping up with itself. But I find it’s very exciting to follow.

    Both systems offer so much, I suspect I’d be happy either way. Wishing the iPhone had a larger screen and less restrictive system, however.

    • Grab the RAZR.  You will not regret all that extra real estate. You will have a phone ready for all the goodness ICS will bring.  It’s like getting a new phone twice.   A phone that already can go toe to toe with the 4s…and will rock when ICS hits the screen.  And lets face it…if your only going to be on one carrier……it better be Verizon.  Verizon is a littler pricier than other carriers.  But it is everywhere compared to anybody else…3g wise.   And is number one in 4g coverage and getting better every week.  And its 3g coverage is bullet proof.

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