How to upgrade to Android 4.0 (how to)

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73 Comments to How to upgrade to Android 4.0 (how to)

  1. Abhishek

    Hiii, I am using spice mi 349 Android os 2.3.6.
    How can i update my os 2.3.6 to 4.0
    please reply my faster

  2. I have a samsung galaxy s, have no idea what androids its running on but I know its got to not be one of the latest ones going, also I have no sim card in it. How do I get the 4.0 version? or can I not get it at all? Email me

    • Did you get a reply from your query. My galaxy mini is also on 2.21 and I want to upgrade if possibel

  3. Senura Keheliya

    I want to install android 2.3. to my phone I am using android 4.0 please help me I am using samsung galaxy tab.

  4. Khandaker Abul Kashem

    I have L-04C (LG Optimus) Android Version 2.2.2, How can i update my phone (Android 4). Please Help me.

  5. Fireman406

    Hello, i have a Droid X2 verizon, running version 1.3.418. I was wondering if anyone knew what the latest version is that I can run. If there is a newer version, could I have a link so I can download it? Please, any help would be amazing. Thank you. Feel free to e mail me. Thanks!

    • pls were you able to get your phone upgraded then, am also trying to see if i can upgrade my dell streak too.

  6. Hello, I’m using Samsung galaxy ace+… Can i upgrade its OS from Android 2.3 to 4.0?? Please help me up. Thank you (

  7. m using xperia U n cn any plzzz send me di link for how to upgarade frm 2.3 to icream sandwich plzz

  8. I got VOX tab pc. Can it be upgrade from android 2.3 OS to android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich ? Genuine assistance is truly welcomed !

  9. Hi, I have Motorola Droid x2 and I would like to install ICS Android 4.0. 
    Can you let me know how can I update step by step? 
    If you can send me to my e-mail, I would appreciated. Thanks

  10. Smchampaneri

    i am  using spice mi 425 having 1 GHZ CPU ,  OS 2.3.6.
    how i upgrade os 4.0 or 4.1 ICS. 
    Pl. mail me   on  smchampaneri@gmail:disqus .com

  11. Sami30816

    i am using motorola milestone xt800. i have not updating my phone. plz can u any body help me?

  12. Hhajkakak

    I am using Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus. I want to whether ICS 4.0 will support my device

  13. I am using Spice CSL MI 410 right now OS 2.2.2
    hardware : 1GHZ CPU, 512 ROM , 4INCH screen.
    Can i Upgrade os 2.2 to 4.0 or 4.1 ICS
    Please Reply me

  14. i have allview alldro 3 tablet , i wonder if i can put andro 4 on 2.3.its spec are kinda low , just asking .

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