How to Download iOS 5

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32 Comments to How to Download iOS 5

  1. itunes is updated to 10.5 and updating software begins, but it yakes time. and it must resume everytime there is a connection problem. is there another way to do it?

  2. Cuteangel_dollie

    hi i tried 100 times to install  iOS 5 but every time its says your iphone 4.2.1 is uptodate…
    how could i get update for iOS5

  3. Golfatsage

    When I downloaded ios 5 I accidently hit restore as new phone. Is there a way to get back to that screen so I can get all my old stuff?

    • Make sure iTunes is up to date using the software update found in your system preferences. Then plugin your iPhone, launch iTunes and check for software updates.

  4. Got itunes10.5.0 but still can’t download iOS 5 on my iPad. When I try to download it says Safari can’t open this page.
    Please advise

  5. Suzanne Richardson2

    When I try to download from iTunes for iOS 5.0 is always times out and says there is a problem with my network connection.  HELp… how do I solve this problem

  6. Gabriela Quintana

    Hey… can I download this system for my iPod? I though I could, but when I update the iPod with the iTunes, the message of the latest software version says it’s 1.1.5

    Could you help me please?


  7. downloaded 10.5, checked for updates, said i have latest version for iphone 4.4.1, now what? no software to download

  8. Downloaded and tried to install ios5 but gets stuck and now the phone is stuck in recovery mode so i can t use it. HELP!!

    • Jamie, is your phone still stuck?  You can try reseting the iPhone holding down the lock button and home button simultaneously until the phone restarts.

  9. The download was successful, but it didn’t do anything at all after that. Nothing popped up, nothing happened at all. Help?

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