High-tech low-tech reviews: Mongoose Deception

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8 Comments to High-tech low-tech reviews: Mongoose Deception

  1. Do you really think older style bike brakes rub on the tire? You mention this twice. If this is what you think, you might want to reconsider writing any bike reviews. The brake pads would wear through the tire in one or two stops. Damn dude

  2. el desviador delantero en la primera vuleta se atoro en la corona mas grande se doblo teniendolo que cambiar

  3. You mentioned the friction on the road. IT IS A MOUNTAIN BIKE. There’s going to be friction on the road. You can’t list that under cons, it’s a feature of the bike.

  4. Great review but a spell check would help. I know that the bike has brakes but I never heard of breaks on a bike. 

    • Just a point…  Spell check won’t flag “breaks” as incorrect, as it is a correct spelling.  I think you might be saying he needs to check his content and word choice.

  5. Macehualli77

    I have the older model I guess, made Aug. 2010…It’s the same but in Olive Green(color scheme). Do you know if front foks have an adjustment???

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