High-Tech Low-Tech Reviews: Elie Sound 120XE Kayak (video)

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2 Comments to High-Tech Low-Tech Reviews: Elie Sound 120XE Kayak (video)

  1. This article sold me. I decided to buy one of these and so I did. The Gander Mountain web site said shipping was TBD. I got the call today. 275.00 to ship from Fort Erie, Ontario. Thats 8.8 miles from my house in Buffalo. Now I am pissed. I talked to the mgr., at my local Gander Mountain store, and she said that they dont carry this item, but she might be able to special order it. I was so happy that I told her to get me two cause I think my ol-lady might like to yak too. Well I hope Gander Mountain can do it. If no, I will be pissed again and spend the money on a new computer.

    •  You can buy them at REI & they ship to store for free!  Plus, if you are an REI member (only $20 for a lifetime membership), you will get a 10% member dividend check @ the end of the year for all your full price purchases.   They are selling the Elie Sound 120 XE for $649, $100 less than quoted in the review above. That means at the end of the year, you’d get a dividend of approx $65 back on just the boat purchase alone!!   I just finished looking @ the 120 Sound in the store tonight & was reading up on reviews, the seat is one of the most comfortable out there! 

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