Elgato Video Capture Review

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4 Comments to Elgato Video Capture Review

  1. PJ the old fart

    I have a iMac 10 and a old XL laptop and desk top (slowing leaving PC completely). Will it capture in with XP OS, and/or will I be able to view what was captured on the mac on my XP systems. If I save them to an external hard drive will they be viewable on both the Mac and PC. My wife is non-tech, will she be able to edit our old VHS movies without becoming too frustrated? (how hard is editing?) Thanks so much for your help.

  2. I would like to transfer Hi-8 videos onto my Macbook Pro. I still have the old analog Hi-8 camera (Sony TRV-82. I also have a Sony HDR-HC3 and tried to use it as a pass-thru, but it didn’t work. I called Apple Care, but they had no suggestions.¬†
    Do you know if this Elgato Video Capture would work? I would like to have the video in iMovie.

    • Ka Bicknell

      Hi scottie,
      I have a Sony TRV33E and unfortunately had the same problems as you. I bought the Elgato device connected it to my video recorder and computer, the program allows you to play the content in iMovie, on an iPod iPhone or as a quick time movie. I got excellent results and would recommend this product.

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