The new iPhone has finally been released. While it wasn’t the iPhone 5 everybody wanted, the new iPhone 4S still boasts some cool qualities. One being that it’s now going to be offered by Sprint. If you’ve been wanting to leave your other carriers now’s a good time to head over to Sprint. You can score the new Apple iPhone 4S and some more great deals!

5. Google Voice

Sprint is a Google Voice partner, which means a number of things. First, your number can ring on up to six phones, there’s transcribed voicemail and even online voicemail that can be accessed via Gmail, cheap international calls, and you can screen callers so that you can listen in on a voicemail and join the call at any time. Users don’t have to port their number, either, so they can use their existing one without the transfer! It’s now free to all Sprint customers and used to cost $20.

4.Great Service

Since Sprint is trying to up its place among the rankings, new customers who switch over for the iPhone will probably be treated to top-tier. We all know what a pain it can be tying to deal with service or phone problems, so Sprint’s customer service might be super great since they’re going to want to work harder for your business…in the beginning anyways.

3. Threaten your Current Carrier About Switching

Since Sprint entered the game, you can threaten your current carrier that you’ll be switching over to Sprint and see what discounts they give you to stay and keep you as a customer. You might even want to bring some negotiations to the table like a discount on your next handset or a discounted rate on your monthly bill for a few months. Hey, it’s worth a try and you never know what you might be able to get away with!

2. Cheaper Introductory Packages

Sprint’s intro plan is just $69.99 with 450 minutes and unlimited data, with the Simply Everything unlimited calling and data running you $99.99. AT&T offers a $15/month plan that Verizon doesn’t, Sprint charges just $10 for unlimited data, and AT&T’s 2GB/month plan is $5 less than Verizon’s identical option.

1. Unlimited Data Plan

Newcomer Sprint has a major advantage over AT&T and Verizon since they’re the only ones that will offer an unlimited data plan to new iPhone 4S customers. So that means you’ll be able to tether, stream and download as much as you want without having to worry about how much you’ll be charged, going over your limits or having to upgrade in data plans because one month you’ve decided to go crazy in your streaming. With the other two carries, fees start kicking in for overage at 2GB.

AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint iPhones Compared

AT&T Sprint Verizon
iPhone 4SCosts

(with contract)

16 GB – US$199
32 GB – $299
64 GB – $399 16 GB – US$199

32 GB – $299

64 GB – $399

16 GB – US$199

32 GB – $299

64 GB – $399

Plan Costs Voice: $39.99-$69.99/month

Data: $15-$25/month

Texts: $5-$20/month

Voice: $39.99-$99.99/month

Data: $10/month

Texts: Included

Voice: $39.99-$69.99/month

Data: $30-$80/month

Texts: $5-$20/month

Contract Length Two years Two years Two years
Service Coverage Advantage Verizon
Network Quality Advantage Verizon
3G Speed Advantage AT&T
Tethering $20 for 2 GB $29.99 for 5 GB $20 for 2 GB
Push to Talk No Yes No
Data & Voice Use Simultaneously Yes No No
Early Termination Fee $325, reduces by $10/month under contract $350, reduces by $10/month under contract $350, reduces by $10/month under contract
Insurance $6.99/month $7/month $10.99/month

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