5 Reason NOT to Buy the iPhone 4S on Sprint (list)

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Kristie Bertucci is an L.A.-based writer, who can't live without her MacBook Pro. When she's not writing, she's either reading or shopping (online, of course) and loves lazy days so she can catch up on her DVR-recorded shows and movies. She's definitely a Mac girl, she loves music and is currently on a mission to to have an insane and enviable iTunes library.

57 Comments to 5 Reason NOT to Buy the iPhone 4S on Sprint (list)

  1. im in utah and i totally agree with the super bad 3 g coverage, i guess it depends on where you live. All my family has at&t and tmobile and they have so much better service its ridiculous

  2. verizon phone insurance

    Very well said.
    These tips are really amazing. I appreciate it for sharing them.

  3. It is wrong. I had iPhone in sprint. There have insurance I pay monthly for insurance cuz I want. And I use unlimited data are very good like other phone company. There no matter who is better. All phone company are same.

  4.  5 think you consider going to sprint carrier.

    1. customer service higher rated nationwide…
    2. 3g coverage… very good.. (  test in mostly bigger city… las vegas , los angeles, san francisco, new orlean.. new york, chigaco. maine… new york… canada winnipeg…utah. seattle.  washington.. and more have no problem.. plus 30 nautical miles from the beaches of california.los angeles, san diego… ( if you love fishing…
    3. unlimited data… ( thumb up…. you don’t have to get unlimited plan… just get 450 mins or 800 mins. and thats including unlimited data plan including text and messaging… reason.. sprint has 7am t0 7 pm peak time and off peak 7 pm to 7pm  off pick time and ulimited call from friday night 7pm to monday morning 7 am… and still have unlimited data plan. 450mins thats too much min to use in a month… all u need is data plan unlimited to use anytime……
    4 4 g… most carrier don’t have 100 % coverage city… still having drop call/data…buy now… they are not ready untill jan 2013.. to cover the all nationwide coverage…..if you search engine /google … sprint has less drop call and /data nationwide… very dependable….
    5. if you have smartphone  ( iphone 4s ) you need more dependable network and less expensive…. and i you high user of internet.. pandora. or using GPS NAVIGATOR… OR  INTERNET TV… Sprint is the one.. i use alot my old smartphone for pandora radio… can play anytime no time limit… using google navigation… go everywhere ..with no time restriction.. watching nba live on my smartphone for 2 hours… i don’t have to worry the charger will be..becouse it UNLIMITED DATA…..


    (my side might be bias too as I am a Sprint customer :D, and this will most likely be littered with sarcasm)
    5. No insurance. Do you mind if I send you to a site? It’s called squaretrade.com. Check it out. They insure your iPhone, no matter what the carrier. Sound good?

    4. BOOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!! Did people whine when they went to att for the original iPhone? No.

    3. “Trouble”. Ok question, where is your evidence? Have Verizon and Att gone through the exact same problems?

    2. “Less than great”. Ok well let me tell you a small secret here… Sprint customers roam on Verizon for FREE. Whenever I do go roaming (not that often) Verizon has BARLEY better coverage, normally I dont even get a single bar with them. 

    1.Unlimited Data. Ok you have a valid point here and only here. It is almost inevitable that Sprint will eventually be forced to cap their data. But according to the CEO that isnt in the very near future. They are going to try and sustain unlimited as long as possible because of this very reason. It is a selling point that clearly sets them apart from other carriers. 

    MIGHT I CORRECT THE HELL OUT OF YOUR PRICING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I went onto Verizon and customized a plan as close to Sprints Everything data 450 as possible. So for 450 min (nights and weekends starting at 9), unlimited messages, and 12gb of data (closest to unlimited possible) it came out to $159.99 monthly

    I went onto Att and customized a plan as close to Sprints Everything data 450 as possible. For 450 min (unlimited to any mobile in America nights and weekends starting at 9) 4gb of data (closest to unlimited as possible), and unlimited messaging it came out to $104.99 a month 

    Hmm these sound really expensive to own an iPhone monthly. :( 


    Well for 450 minutes (unlimited to any mobile in America and nights and weekends starting at 7), unlimited messaging, and unlimited data it is… wait for it….. $79.99 a month NOT 99.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let’s review what we’ve learned from my rant
    1. Buy insurance form a secondary company
    2. Who cares that you have to switch carriers, people do it all the time
    3. Please back up your statements 
    4. Sprints 3g is perfectly fine, and when it isn’t, hello Verizon
    5. Unlimited data is here to stay (for now)
                    1.Minutes (unlimited to ANY mobile in America and nights and weekends STARTING AT 7)
                    2. Data: unlimited, cheaper. Need I say more?
                    3. PRICE!!!!!! customizing verizons plan to att’s level brings it down to 109.99 a month, but still LET ME EMPHASES THIS
     let me say that again 
    once more
    and again for the bias author
    how much can you save a year?
       YOU CAN SAVE $300 A YEAR
    how much?
       YOU CAN SAVE $300 A YEAR
    So over the course of a 2 year contract how much cheaper is it?
    Hate on me haters but it is 
    and I have 

    —————————————————end as bias rant as the authors—————————————————-

  6. Just to be clear the article doesn’t say “5 Cold Hard Facts on why not to by the iPhone 4s from Sprint”.  It says “reasons”, meaning these are things some people might want to consider before they move forward with a 2-year contact from Dan.  For the sake of being fair, we also wrote 5 reasons to BUY the iPhone 4s from Sprint.  I suggest everyone read that before they comment and get their panties in a bundle.  


    • oh, you are a part of this publication, no wonder you keep defending the article… here is an idea, instead of publishing 2 separate things with only half truths, you hire someone who knows what they are talking about and can put real facts into one. 

      • Which are half truths and why?  You have to realize that these are reasons that we considered and hence why we suggested to users that they consider them as well.  However, we also provided the flip side of the coin with the hopes that readers could get a holistic perspective on Sprint and the iPhone 4s. With that said, I guarantee that even though all 5 points may not apply to anyone single person, I’m sure there are a few people (understatement) that will agree with at least one of them.  No matter what carrier you’re on there is always a caveat and as the saying goes the grass is always greener on the other side.

  7. A village is missing their idiot! It’s so obvious you don’t have a clue about the five topics. Do the world a favor and don’t post to a blog EVER again.

    • if you did your home work you would have seen this: http://gadgetreview.com/2011/10/5-reasons-to-buy-the-iphone-4s-from-sprint.html

  8. Kristie, wow, i am speechless at your incompetence in reporting “news”. Next time you might want to gather some facts. Oh wait, i bet ATT provided you with the “facts”.

  9. Hey Kristie – You might want to go back to stripping and use what the good lawd gave you…cuz he sure didn’t give you a brain!

  10. Obviously written just to get people to visit this site… they suckered me into it.  However, now I know I’ll never visit the site again if this is the kind of crap they write.

  11. I agree with the other posters that the author got her facts wrong for each of the five points she raised.  But I was wondering why she even bothered with 4G coverage since the iPhone 4S is not 4G capable ( unless you consider HPSA a 4G technology, rather than 3.5G).  Either way, Sprint doesn’t use HPSA, so only the 3G map matters. 

  12. All I can say is hope you cashed that fat check from AT&T.  I don’t think that I have ever read a review on this site that had every fact wrong. The bottom line is that not every carrier is right for every person.  Pick the one that works for you and go with them, but please don’t take anything stated here as fact. 

  13. Hey Kristie,  How much did AT&T pay you to write this BS?  You are completely wrong and have no idea what you are talking about.  Readers, do your research outside of this article because the writer of this article, Kristie, is completely incompetent.  

  14. Its too bad internet garbage like this is out there with most of this being lies…. Someone has something against sprint.  I’m guessing she didn’t pay her bill with sprint and is still butthurt.

  15. The insurance reason is false.  A little research and simple math would easily prove otherwise. Let’s break this down… $6.99/month for ATT = $83.88/year; Verizon $10.99/month = $131.88/year.  Sprint is not offering their Total Equipment Protection, only Apple Care + = $99.  But that is coverage for 2 years.  So really, ATT costs $167.76 for 2 years & VZ is $263.76 for 2 years vs. $99 for 2 years of Apple Care +.  And to add insult to injury, the deductible with Apple Care + for a replacement iphone is $49. VZ is $169 for 16GB and $199 for 32 GB, ATT’s is $199.  Total out the door for 2 years and if you get a replacement: Sprint – $148, VZ –  $432 (16GB) & $462.76 (32GB) , ATT – $366.76. 

      • No Sprint does not provide insurance on the iPhone.  For other devices yes.  The article is specific to the iPhone, so it is a correct statement that Sprint does not provide insurance for the iPhone.  But the article is using that as a negative reason.  Sprint does offer Apple Care +, which does the exact same thing as the insurance.  But at a better price.  So Gadgetreview, please explain how not offering their own proprietary insurance is worse.  The numbers don’t lie.  What’s the better scenario?  Paying $462 or $148 for the same result?

  16. Wow, the writer of this blog is a moron, he should start by getting his facts straight, that coverage map is not even accurate! Sprint has had 4G coverage in VA for years but he only show Baltimore on here, that whole area should be one big BLUE DOT. 

  17. Massive fail. Clearly written just because ‘someone’ has an issue with Sprint. Where’d you get that map..? Because it looks like you downloaded an old 3G coverage map from 2005, and opened it with Microsoft Paint and ‘spray painted’ on some 4G areas just to say it’s ‘current.’ Useless writer. Sprint has all the spectrum in the world to support millions of new data subscribers. You shouldn’t be allowed to even discuss wireless technology.. You probably think just because you have a smartphone that you’re qualified to discuss it. Fail.

    • Guess44, the map will be updated with a more up to date one.  Nonetheless, can you do me a favor and counter some of our points so I can actually respond to this with some thought ;).

  18. Insurance is not offered through Sprint and the insurance offered from Verizon and AT&T will get you a nice “refurbished” iPhone.  In other words, you’ll get a phone that was not working properly for someone else in hopes that the issue was resolved.
    Switching carriers is not difficult, though there are often ETFs associated if you are under contract.  That being said, if you are under contract and still want to upgrade to the iPhone 4s, what would that cost ($549.99 – 16GB, $649.99 – 32GB, $749.99 – 64GB)? 
    Data speeds vary depending upon location and carrier.  On average, Sprint and Verizon are equal in 3G speeds and AT&T is *slightly* faster when you are in their network (good luck with that).
    I’m not sure what year that 3G map is from, but I can tell you it is FAR from accurate.  I’d be careful posting misinformation. 
    Unlimited Data is a bad thing?  Apparently you’ve never been hit by overages (see my 3/2011 bill from Verizon for $758.67).
    Wearing a tight shirt doesn’t give you the right to post things you know nothing about …. maybe if the pic was a little bigger I could let it slide.

  19. District805

    Terrible journalism.  This woman blatantly lies to make a story.  That map is so outdated.  Just look at the 4G coverage on the map and it shows 12 cities.  After nearly 3 years with 4G are you telling me they’ve only expanded to 12 markets?  It’s actually 71 markets.  That’s like saying NYC doesn’t have a real skyline and then trying to prove it with a picture from 1911 instead of 2011.  I just went to the Sprint website to look at their 3G/4G coverage and it looks nothing like what she posted.  Here is the map link http://coverage.sprintpcs.com/IMPACT.jsp?INTNAV=ATG:HE:Cov . It took me all of 20 seconds to find.  It probably took her a lot more time to find an outdated map.  Simply reaching in this article….

  20. District805

    Terrible journalism.  This woman blatantly lies to make a story.  That map is so outdated.  Just look at the 4G coverage on the map and it shows 12 cities.  After nearly 3 years with 4G are you telling me they’ve only expanded to 12 markets?  It’s actually 71 markets.  That’s like saying NYC doesn’t have a real skyline and then trying to prove it with a picture from 1911 instead of 2011.  I just went to the Sprint website to look at their 3G/4G coverage and it looks nothing like what she posted.  Here is the map link http://coverage.sprintpcs.com/IMPACT.jsp?INTNAV=ATG:HE:Cov . It took me all of 20 seconds to find.  It probably took her a lot more time to find an outdated map.  Simply reaching in this article….

    • Well update the map, but it was, I believe for the sake of making a point.  There is no denying that Sprint has been the worst carrier of the big 4 and part of that is probably baked into their coverage issues, otherwise they wouldn’t be number 4, right?  Either way, checkout this article:  http://gadgetreview.com/2011/10/5-reasons-to-buy-the-iphone-4s-from-sprint.html

      • Why do you keep defending this article? It simply does not have one true fact in it except maybe the insurance (which she blatantly leaves out the fact that this is due to apple and not sprint, and that there is an insurance option that is even cheaper than the one offered for other devices). And in response to this particular rebuttle of yours, Sprint has not proven to be the worst carrier of the big 4, their place in the cell phone market, their network has proven to be leaps and bounds better than T-Mobil (who roams off of other carriers most of the time anyway) and AT&T (who’s network nose dived by not having the capacity to support iphone). Verizon is a little stronger in coverage but they lack in pricing, 

        There are reasons for everyone to either switch or not switch but the bottom line here is that this “news article” is not based on any facts and publishes a very old coverage map. This is nothing but slander. 

  21. Okay so the writer is obviously biased against Sprint and that’s okay. Not everyone has to love Sprint but I would hope when people write story’s like this they would actually present facts and not half truths.

    # 5 Yes no insurance for the iPhone, but the bottom line is Apple Care is cheaper in the long run and is good for 3 years. In 3 years we’ll be having this exact conversation with about the iPhone 5 or iPhone 6.

    #4 I don’t know if you have heard of it but there is this thing called Wireless Local Number Portability which makes switching carriers and taking your number with you a breeze.

    #3 Network capacity has been a problem for every carrier because iPhone users typically use more data then a non iPhone user. Will there be hiccups, most certainly. There is with anything new and we saw these same hiccups from AT&T and Verizon. This time around though Sprint has watch AT&T/Verizon closely and can avoid making those same mistakes.

    #2 Coverage is always a issue for every provider. Sure one may have more then the other but the bottom line is, does Sprint have coverage in your area and the areas you travel? Most carriers have roaming agreements so where one doesn’t have coverage users can roam and with Sprint Simply Everything plans roaming is included. 

    #1 Dan Hesse has been upfront about Sprints position on unlimited data. For now its unlimited, enjoy all you can! Could that change in the future its a possibility but in my personal view Sprint cant afford to make this change. Not now. Its the key attraction that separates them from AT&T/Verizon. 

    Do your research before you write something full of half truths and misconceptions. Failed attempt to confuse the less informed consumer.

    • A concerned reader...

      Nice assessment Jenny!
      I went back and read some of this “writers” college articles from UCLA. She used to understand how to report a story. Somewhere between UCLA and here Ms. Bertucci has lost site of what being a “journalist” is really about. My advice would be for Ms. Bertucci to go back and read some of her earlier writings.They just might remind her how to write a real story.

    • Jenny, how are these half truths?  Did you see our other article which gives you 5 reasons to BUY the iPhone 4s?  http://gadgetreview.com/2011/10/5-reasons-to-buy-the-iphone-4s-from-sprint.html

  22. Check your facts before you print this stuff…sprints customer service has improved more than any company in any industry and just won a jd power award as well…I just switched from att for the Samsung epic touch and couldn’t be happier.

    • Fair enough Roma, but checkout our other article which points out this point.  http://gadgetreview.com/2011/10/5-reasons-to-buy-the-iphone-4s-from-sprint.html

  23. You can buy  Worth Ave Group Insurance for any iPhone
    How can you prove Sprint’s data is not fast?
    History may repeat itself but for now Sprint is using unlimited data as its hook and wont be giving it up in the near future lest it wishes to be beat out by Verizon, if they do decide to be asinine the 2 year contract will be over by then
    Only I can see being a headache is switching carriers.

  24. all are wrong or not relevant lest you are incompetent

    better title might be: 5 reasons the writer is an idiot

    nice rack though

    • How do you figure?  Wait, it would appear that you can only resort to childish remarks which makes you sir, an idiot.  In your face ;).

      Read this and get back to me: http://gadgetreview.com/2011/10/5-reasons-to-buy-the-iphone-4s-from-sprint.html

  25. Only thing true here is the insurance topic. Everything else is a complete lie especially the coverage map!

    • Agree about this information being outdated or incorrect but I will say that we absolutely hate the Sprint Customer Service and will never use them again after our contract ends. Their coverage is terrible, so make sure that you try out your new Sprint phone in all places where you need it within 30 days or you are screwed. Customer Service does not care about your coverage after 30 days and you will be locked in until the end of the contract or until you pay your early termination fee. I am looking at AT&T or Verizon for our next phones. Stay away from Sprint!

      • Thank you guest, aside from the rack comment.  You should read this as well: http://gadgetreview.com/2011/10/5-reasons-to-buy-the-iphone-4s-from-sprint.html  You might disagree more.

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