30 of the Best iOS 5 Features (list)

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28 Comments to 30 of the Best iOS 5 Features (list)

  1. I have problem on 1080p vids mirroring Airplay, as I think via the mirroring then maybe I don’t need to do so much converting with iFunia media converter and could make the Apple TV to be a HTV centre on the go. That’s so great!

  2. great and easy to read article! it was actually enjoyable to read, and thats coming from a teen! great job and thanks!

  3. where can you disable in-app purchases? it used to be under Restrictions in the Settings app in 3.1.2 but I can’t see it anywhere now.

    • Setphaser, head to Settings>General>Restrictions

      Then enable restrictions, scroll down and you’ll see a switch for turning “in app purchases” on/off.

      Let us know if that works.

  4. Point 10 only appears on my iPhone occasionally.  Maybe 1 – 2 times daily and I don’t know how to set it so that it can come up whenever the “Locked” screen is on.

    • You have to double tap the home screen button to activate the camera icon when the screen is locked. Simples!

  5. 21. DictionaryNot an earth shattering feature, but it’s nice that dictionary has been added and is available in every app.”Not sure you are strictly right to say the dictionary has been added as i think it is the one which was in iBooks, but having it available in all apps is nice. (and it is a good dictionary) 

  6. I have a question for number  17. The Assistant
    Its called SIRI , and its still in beta version for iPhone 4S and how can you be so sure that it comes with iOS 5 ???

  7. Fateofthejedi21

    I have an iPod touch, so the 3G doesn’t apply, but the addition I’m excited about is imessage, free texting between iOS devices

    • It is the very first anything to actually use cloud and the Siri is far more complex than just voice commands this post doesn’t give enough information. Siri is artificial intelligence it learns and speaks back and fourth with you. You should read read on apples website if you want accurate information :)

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