Daily Archives: October 10, 2011

facebook ipad

iPad for Facebook Now Live


After much conjecture, hype and a leak, Facebook for the iPad has finally arrived. In this case, the good old “took them long enough” hardly suffices.  The first iPad has already been on the market for just shy of two years and many sources point to the fallout between Apple...


Light-Light: Floating Magnetic Lamp (video)


Back to the Future 2 was full of empty promises.  And by that we mean the Hover Board, which we hoped would some day actually get released by Matel. Instead it turns out that it was simply movie magic at its best.  However, Marty McFly did make good and release...

Tonfisk Newton

Tonfisk Newton


No coffee is complete without sugar or cream.  The Tonfisk Newton is a brilliantly designed apparatus that facilitates both of these necessities.  However, it costs $125, so you’ll probably think twice, if not three times, before investing in this elegantly designed mechanism. The base contains the cream,while a removable cup coated in...

JOBY Micro 250 Tripod

Joby GorillaPod Micro Tripods


Lug a camera around with you and there will always be a moment when you wished that you had a tripod to setup that perfect group shot.  Sounds like a bit of a commercial pitch, but it’s the truth and right now you should be nodding your head. Last week,...

keyboard cat toy

Keyboard Cat Toy Coming this Christmas (video)


If you haven’t heard of the Keyboard Cat, we suggest – scratch that – demand that you head to the YouTube video and get up to speed. To date, the video is a few thousand views short of 19,000,000. Yes, that’s 6 zeros and we’re just as shocked as you....


Fujifilm X10 Price Announced


Holy sweet camera!  The Fujifilm should be, if it isn’t already, on your holiday shopping short list.  Just before the weekend the camera maker said that it will ship sometime in early November and cost you $599.99.  A tad pricey if you’re in the market for a simple point and...

reasons to buy iPhone 4s on sprint

5 Reasons to Buy the iPhone 4S From Sprint (list)


The new iPhone has finally been released. While it wasn’t the iPhone 5 everybody wanted, the new iPhone 4S still boasts some cool qualities. One being that it’s now going to be offered by Sprint. If you’ve been wanting to leave your other carriers now’s a good time to head...