Tt eSPORTS Challenger Ultimate Gaming Keyboard Review

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Isometric Challenger Ultimate
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7 Comments to Tt eSPORTS Challenger Ultimate Gaming Keyboard Review

  1. Ryan Mathews

    Good Review Shawn.  I might actually buy one. It's a great price for what it does. I need a gaming keyboard.


      • Voidfusionvg

        Have you ever reviewed the Razer BlackWidow? May not have all the ‘Buy-Me-Now Features’ but will definitely out-last any keyboard out there. If you want a quieter version of it, check out the Razer BlackWidow Stealth edition. In my honest opinion, this keyboard looks like it was made out of that cheap, un-durable plastic. Just doesn’t catch my eye as well as the BlackWidow did.

    • Bright Shadow

      Says who? My vote actually goes to Skyrim. I originally would have said DX:HR however it turned out to be a bit less amazing then it should have been (lacking in terms of side missions and plot splits which would require you to replay the game).

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