Steelseries Siberia 51017 Circumaural Full-Size Headset

legendmicro-wholesale via eBay has a very special low price on these Steelseries Siberia 51017 Circumaural Full-Size Headphones!

Whether you’re a console or PC user, or even someone interested in listening to music on the go you are sure to find a place for these attractive headphones. These Steelseries Siberia headphones provide you with the rich and full sound provided with a full-sized pair but without the discomfort many brands suffer from. They may look like a pure set of gamer ‘phones but these are designed to suit pretty much any taste you have, whether it be for PC general use, video gaming it up or even going out and listening to music on your favorite MP3 player you can find a good use for them. These headphones sport a frequency response of 18-28000Hz and have a small 40 Ohm Impedance which further strengthens their general nature. Their last handy feature includes the length 9 foot cord that won’t snag or pull even from a good distance.

$35 and no shipping make this a killer deal!

Troy Coutu

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