With millions of dollars you might be able to squeeze a 62-foot screen into your mansion’s basement, but that certainly won’t negate the logistical issues.  Do you realize just how big 62-feet is?  Think medium sized sail boat and suddenly you’ll realize how disgusting large that is.  And we’re not talking wide, we’re talking diagonal, as in corner-to-corner.  But that’s what Sony is promising with their recently announced head mounted display, the HMZ-T1.

Inside the device are two .7-inch OLED displays that can produce a 1280×720 resolution image.  Each OLED screen can be tweaked according to your eye, and because each one sits just inches from your field of vision it creates what looks like, or feels like a 750-inch display viewed from 60 feet away.

But that’s not the only fringe benefit of dual OLED screens.  Since the head mounted display uses two separate screens, Sony has adopted something called the “dual Panel 3D Method.”  Each OLED panel can display an independent picture in HD quality to each eye, which allows for exceptionally high quality 3D vision, and creates a “crosstalk” free 3D viewing experience; “crosstalk” is when two images, generally used to display a 3D image in a single screen scenario, get distorted and don’t display properly.

To further back the immersive experience, Sony has included a set of headphones that can produce 5.1-channel surround sound.  But here is the rub: it’s “virtual 5.1-channel surround.”  Disappointing since full 5.1-channel surround sound, as in no digital signal processing involved to fabricate the surround sound, is possible and found in a few headphones on the market today.  However, it’s our guess that Sony is trying to keep costs down and hence why they opted for this particular sound setup.

The HMZ-T1 can connect to any HDMI equipped Blu-ray player or video game system.  Included is a switch box which allows the head mounted display to be connected to a Blu-ray player at the same time as an HDTV.  A set of controls, found directly on the HMZ-T1, allow you to control any device that uses HDMI CEC control functions.  And in case your power conscious, a sensor disengages the dual OLED screens when it detects that it isn’t being worn.  Did we mention it weighs less than 1lb?

At this time Sony hasn’t announced a price or launch date.  We get the feeling they’re trying to gauge interest.

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Christen Costa

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