Sony Bravia 55-Inch Edge LED Backlit 3D HDTV

TigerDirect is offering an intense sale price on this huge Sony Bravia 55-Inch LED 3D TV bundle!

And here we have the system to end all systems, if you’re been looking for the deal of the century then here it is! For lower than the price of this TV alone not only do you get this huge 55-Inch Sony TV which has full support for 1080p High Def resolution and 3D playback but also a Sony 3D Blu-Ray Disk Player and the special Alice in Wonderland 3D Starter Kit. The 55-Inch display is also Wi-Fi capable and that allows for intense Internet Streaming so you never run out of content to watch. The included Blu-Ray player has full support for 3D movies and also has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity along with the interesting ability to utilize and iPhone or Android phone as the remote with a special app you can install. Finally the 3D Starter Kit includes 2 Pairs of 3D glasses along with of course a 3D copy of Alice in Wonderland on Blu-Ray format. Top it off with some HDMI cables and a 3D transmitter and you have every piece of equipment possible for a full 3D viewing experience.

Shut the f…ront door!  This set takes a massive price cut thanks to thie $860 coupon, BJT44494.  Final price is $1399.97, but add about $60 for shipping.

Troy Coutu

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