Sony BDV-E370 Sony 5.1 Blu-ray Disc System

J&R Via Amazon also has some savings to share for this Sony BDV-E370 Sony 5.1 Blu-ray Disc System!

So you’ve found the perfect HDTV for your living room, now’s the time to grab an amazing sound system while you’re at at! This awesomely price Sony System has you covered and while not only providing you with full Blu-Ray Disk playback (Even in 3D) you also get equipped with a powerful 5.1-Channel surround sound system! And it certainly packs a punch with its maximum power of 850 watts behind it. This system is compact and quick to setup while the disk player itself is super fast so you can watch your movies without delay. It also has internet connectivity and that means you can stream all sorts of content from places like Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, Amazon on Demand and much more while bringing it to new life with the powerful surround sound speakers.

J&R sells this 3D compatible stereo system for $219.99, a 45% discount off the retail price.

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