Through the years we’ve seen some pretty neat bike gadgets. There’s the Firefly, which illuminates the rear of the bicyclist and increases the light’s intensity as a car approaches; the Hindsight, a HUD that provides a 24/7 view of what’s behind the rider; and the SEIL bag, which communicates with drivers as to what the rider is going to do (e.g. stopping, turning, etc).  This list is actually far more expansive, but these three are closely related to the Revolight.

It’s another Kickstarter project, but unlike some others that we’ve featured in recent, this one has already garnered significant movement.  And by movement, we mean $122,000 of green locomotion and they haven’t even completed their allotted funding time, with 13 more days to go.

So what is the Revolight?  It’s an LED ring of lights (white for front, red for back) that mounts to the bike’s rim using a set of specially designed clips.  A magnet attaches to the fork and communicates the speed and location of the wheel enabling the LED light to focus its direction of ambiance at the forward and rear facing part of the wheel.  The result is a highly visible set of lights for both motorist, other riders and the proverbial captain of the ship.  A small USB rechargeable battery attaches to the hub and sends power via a thin wire.

While there are three inventors (Kent, Adam and Jim) behind the Revolight, Kent appears to be “the inventor.”  The inspiration for the idea occurred after he went looking for a light that not only lit the way while riding his bicycle at night, but provided drivers with an almost 360 degree heads up of his presence.  Apparently, no product on the market achieves this, and based on our biking experience, and time spent in bike stores we’d have to agree.

To receive a set of Revolights you’ll need to pledge a minimum of $200.  Keep in mind, though, that they’re still a few prototypes away from production, so the chances of you seeing a finished Revolight this year are slim to none.

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