Pioneer Music Tap Systems: X-SMC3-S and X-SMC4-K Elite

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Pioneer Music Tap
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11 Comments to Pioneer Music Tap Systems: X-SMC3-S and X-SMC4-K Elite

  1. Smclarkson

    I have had to call an engineer to set mine up..instructions are poor and nothing should be this difficult. Sound quality is good on what is working so I am hopeful!

  2. I am returning this because I found it impossibly difficult to set up with very poor documentation in the manual.

  3. I think there is one other difference, the  X-SMC4-K Elite also has a slot load DVD player.   Which is what probably pushes the price up a bit. 

      • With all due respect, and please forgive me for disagreeing, but unless my eyes are playing tricks on me, if you read the specifications on the Pioneer USA website it clearly states that the SMC4 Elite unit plays DVD’s and CD’s.  I’ve been looking at this unit as a possible option for use in our newly renovated kitchen, mainly for its Internet radio functionality and to improve the sound quality of the new TV we’ve purchased for in the kitchen.  I’m hoping once I get a chance to listen to it in person at a local store that carries it, the sound quality will be satisfactory for a smallish room like a kitchen.  We’re not trying to set up a full blown home theatre system, after all.

        Dru Dron
        Guelph, Ontario, Canada

        • Markepstein10

          Not sure you have Groupon available to you, but it is $199 right now. Also, the Elite is not available in the US, maybe CA though. I want to know if you can hook it into exterior speakers that I already have installed in the house. I don’t want my receiver going dinosour on me because of a new toy.

          • I’ve thought about how/if to integrate this into my bedroom system. The thing is I don’t see it. If it had a digital output that might be cool, but there are cheaper and more simple devices that add network centric services and don’t have big speakers and displays. Those would make more sense.

            The European model has Audio/Video HDMI out for the DVD functionality, but the USA model doesn’t have either. That makes it a handy DVD player though for the Europeans and I think that’s a cool feature.

            Then I thought what if the EMT had digital input. Then I could use the speakers on the unit for my bedroom flat screen panel and wouldn’t need an AVR or speakers. That makes a bit more sense, especially for a smaller setup in a bedroom or main room.

            But alas the only audio input line is an analog stereo mini plug. :(

          • Markepstein10

            Bought the smc4 for $399. The Groupon was closed out not by the timeline but quantity expired. A little bit of a challenge getting it to sync with my router, but it has been working flawless since. Still trying to use it with my external speakers and going to try to use the Aux with my turntable.
            Anybody have any suggestions.

          • Went through the manual does not appear to have any audio output.  Makes it a glorified clock radio

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