Mophie Juice Pack Air Case with Rechargeable Battery

Firemall via Amazon is offering an unbelievable low price on this Mophie Juice Pack Air Case w/ Rechargeable Battery!

Now this is definitely a deal not to pass up! For a tiny sum you can grab this multifunctional case which not only protects your iPod but also increases its battery life! This Mophie Juice Pack can handle a wide variety of iPod Touch revisions and definitely gives it the juice to handle much more battery life as the name implies. It can provide you with an extra 42 hours of battery life to listen to all of your favorite music with and it does this in a very simple way. You simply plug it in like you would normally and the USB cable powers the battery of both the iPod and the case so once on the go they share the energy and give you not only a safer experience but a more fulfilling one. The case itself is durable and has a soft touch which can protect against shock while still remaining comfortable to hold or pocket and it includes 4 LED status indicators which of course tell you how much battery you have left to run on, but with as much as this adds you shouldn’t run out anytime soon.

Holy cow!  If you’re iPod Touch needs power, cause you listen to tunes on a non-stop basis, you need to get this battery pack.  They’re selling it for $70 off the retail price, making it just $9.99. Add $3.99 for S&H

Troy Coutu

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