Maxell 723443 LR6 AA Cell 48 Pack Box Battery

Amazon is offering an impressive deal on these Maxell 723443 LR6 AA Cell 48 Pack Box Batteries!

Now here’s a handy deal that should save some good money in the long run. AA batteries may seem to be antiquated by today’s standard of proprietary batteries you see in most portable devices but will never fail to be useful. They are still seen in remote controls of all sorts, many different Toys and RC-Controlled gadgets and of course game console controllers thrive on these little bad boys for power. Winter is coming and so are the holiday seasons and these will definitely see much more use in the coming months. Amazon is offering a special discount on this 48-Count box of AA batteries from Maxell and without even referring to complicated specifications we already see a name-brand and the fact they are AA and that’s a killer at this price. You won’t see this in your grocery store.

Need some AA batteries?  Well, search no further.  You can get these for $13.03, a 35% discount off the retail price.  You can save more if you setup regular delivery and also receive free shipping.  Alternatively, free S&H when your cart reaches $25, otherwise expect to pay about $5-6.