Star Wars and LEGO are both iconic brands that have stood the test of time.  Star Wars first shot to popularity in the May of 1977, where as LEGO has enjoyed an even longer run, first launching its interconnecting bricks in 1949.  Through the years we’ve seen a variety of mashups between the two brands, which include video games and a variety of toys.  But none have been so instrumental as the LEGO Star Wars Death Star.

This $400 toy is no toy at all.  It’s a collector’s item for any self respecting Star Wars or LEGO fan.  We’re actually surprised to see that it’s still in stock given the shear amount of detail that has gone into this replica (like there is a real one) Death Star.  In addition to including its very own TIE Advanced starfighter, there is an array of minifigure-scale scenes, moving parts, characters and accessories from episodes IV and VI.  It even boasts 6 exclusive minifigures and droids and 24 minifigures and droids, plus all-new Dianoga trash compactor monster. Say what!?

Battle inside the Lego Star Wars Death Star (10188)! Recreate the action and adventure of the Star Wars movies with the ultimate Death Star playset. This amazingly detailed battle station features an incredible array of minifigure-scale scenes, moving parts, characters and accessories from episodes IV and VI on its multiple decks, including the Death Star control room, rotating turbolaser turrets, hangar bay with TIE Advanced starfighter, tractor beam controls, Emperor’s throne room, detention block, firing laser cannon, Imperial conference chamber, droid maintenance facility and the powerful Death Star superlaser, plus much more. Swing across the chasm with Luke and Leia, face danger in the crushing trash compactor and duel with Darth Vader for the fate of the galaxy.

This set contains a whopping 3,802 pieces, so you’ll need to preclude yourself from any events involving friends of family  to complete the assembly.  In fact, just quit your full time job, though that might prevent you from justifying the exuberant cost.

The LEGO Death Star weighs 18lbs and measures 16-inches wide and 16.5-inches tall.

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