When I played my first “LEGO Star Wars” video game, I thought that was fun, but I missed the sensation of actually building something with my hands.  Last Christmas I got my son “LEGO Creationary” – for those that have never played it, it’s basically pictionary, but with LEGOs – and while we still play it regularly, I’m a technophile, and really wanted something electronic in the box.  Well now LEGO has gone and done it; they’ve coupled a digital experience with a physical one – and it looks amazing.

What the “Life of George” is, is a game that’s played both on a physical mat, and with an Apple iOS app at the same time.  Players are shown pictures of things that George (find out more about George on his “I am George” Facebook page) has created, and they must recreate those pictures with the included bricks.  The player builds the model on special mat that works in much the same way a “green screen” works in television.  When it’s built, the player then used their iOS device with the EyeCue software (LEGO’s new brick recognition software) to scan it, and then they are ranked according to speed and accuracy.

While there are twelve levels, each level has ten different models to build plus two different difficulty levels – so there’s a lot of content here already – but you can also go into “My Life” mode, and create and share your own models for others to solve.  I have to say, that I am extremely intrigued by this whole idea, and extremely excited to get my hands on one.  You can be sure that as soon as I do, you’ll be able to find a full review right here.

Life of George will be available on October first from LEGO stores everywhere, and from the LEGO online store for $29.99