Homelite 18″ Gas Chain Saw Review

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2 Comments to Homelite 18″ Gas Chain Saw Review

  1. Annd remember, spaghetti western Movies in the late 60.
    In either case, make sure you purchase the right accessories
    to ensure your forklift ramp can be used properly and to ensure your workers
    are safe whenever they use the ramp and other equipment.
    As we know that the Stihl 028 Chainsaw was introduced almost
    over two decades ago it iss still the most popular chainsaw
    ever invented.

  2. Bourke R

    I too noticed the chain tensioner required constant adjustment. The more it had to be adjusted, the tighter I tried to make it without using tools. Ultimately, on the third day of use (over a period of several weeks), the threads in the plastic tightening knob completely stripped out. They were metal threads, but appeared to be aluminum or some other soft metal. This requires replacement of the entire side cover. I was not a happy camper. I called the product warranty line and was told that it was not covered under warranty because it was “normal wear and tear”! Three days
    of use? I think not.
    I’ve been using chainsaws around my property for 30 years, and NEVER had a chain adjusting
    nut strip out on me! Ironically, this is the third Homelite saw I’ve owned and I bought it after being frustrated by the unreliable starting and running of another brand that had bought on sale.

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