$2 Amazon MP3 Credit

Amazon has a new special offer to share, and this time it comes with $2 free credit for their MP3 Service!

Talk about a method of trying a new service, for a limited time Amazon is giving away a free $2 to go with their MP3 distribution service. It’s the perfect way to test what they are capable of, as even a simple $2 can grant you access to a ton of songs and even whole albums in come cases. Their service is designed to spread music around no matter what computer or device you might be using, this is thanks to the ability to save it on their Cloud drive and even upload your own there for listening on any device (Including Android ones) with the Amazon Cloud Player. The individual files themselves are drm free and that also means you can move them to any iPod or MP3 player and listen to them on the go without any hassle, or even to simply listen on your computer or notebook. It all comes together in a simple but flexible package and can start for you without the cost of a single dime. Definitely worth a look!

Just punch this code into the linked page (FALLMP3S) and you’ll get a $2 credit good towards any MP3 song.

Troy Coutu

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