Dish Network Tailgater Portable Satellite Weighs Just 10lbs

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6 Comments to Dish Network Tailgater Portable Satellite Weighs Just 10lbs

  1. We are in south central Arizona about 4 miles from the Mexico border.  We have been unable to use the tailgater.  It’s worked great in other areas but not here.  If we tip the front up, we here the dish moving around but it never locks on.  Leaving it level as you’re supposed to do, it will not work.  Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Robert Paulsen

    At DISH Network we’re proud of our Tailgater. The Tailgater
    is one of the lowest-priced portable satellite antennas on the market but also
    one of the easiest to use. It automatically locates satellite positions, which
    means there’s no need for manual antenna adjustment. It also easily connects to
    your TV within minutes. You will also be able to enjoy your favorite channels in high
    Working for DISH Network I was able to get this great new piece of equipment
    before it was released, and it works great!

  3. Trichardson001

    You say that it has no DVR compatibility, sorry but you are wrong. Tailgater works with the VIP211K which will accept a external hard drive with a 1 time fee of $40. My Tailgater works great. We have a RV and pay a monthly fee od $34.99 but only when we want it, with no monthly fee when we are not using it. It is call DishmyRV.

  4. “maximize their NFL Sunday ticket”

    DISH Network does not offer NFL Sunday Ticket, that is DIRECTV only. I have a similar system called the Winegard Carryout which receives both DIRECTV and DISH Network and works with my home receiver instead of buying a seperate one.

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