Dead Island for Xbox 360 or PS3

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For all your zombie fans out there here’s a new game to quench your thirst for blood and violence, but this time in a much more up close and personal way. Dead Island lands you onto a beach island resort which seems to be the hot spot to stay if you have you pockets filled beforehand. But this quickly turns to chaos as a mysterious zombification occurs and locks you in a situation where only 4 of you are still alive and human. Turns out you guys are immune, and that can only mean one thing… Bash the brains out of the living dead and survive while being cut off from the rest of the world. This game features 4-Player coop action and provides you with a much more gruesome experience as you wield literally thousands of weapons to bash your opposition with. This game definitely focuses on the melee combat which is a nice change from the traditional guns and really gives you a chance to burn off any latent aggression with friends online.

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Troy Coutu

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