Cooper’s DIY Beer Review: The Art of Simplicity

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2 Comments to Cooper’s DIY Beer Review: The Art of Simplicity

  1. Thanks for the review. I do have one comment to make regarding experimentation. You can experiment and alter the brew in a variety of ways. You can change the yeast, which will alter the flavor; add DME (light, amber or dark) which will also change the taste, body and mouth feel and you can steep specialty grains and/or hops to enhance or alter the flavor. These kits give you the best of both worlds, meaning you can simply brew the beer and enjoy the recipe as is or play with it to your heart’s desire to create your own brew.

  2. Correction on the article. You only leave it in the fermenter for a week. If it needs another day or two it’s rare. (I’ve been using this kit for about 18 months and love it!

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