Here’s you’re weekly gadget roundup! Check out some of the coolest tech videos and products for the week…enjoy!

4. CSF World’s Largest Water Balloon Fight 2011

This would be very fun during a heat wave! To set the world record 175,141 water balloons and 8957 people were needed for this massive water balloon fight. Wonder how many hours it took to fill up all those balloons?!

3. Texas Wildfires Move Fast

The Texas wildfires give a whole new meaning to the term “spread like wildfires!” Texas Parks and Wildfire got video of just how fast they can spread. In the words of Smokey the Bear, “Only you can prevent wildfires.”

2. ContourROAM Waterproof Helmet Cam

ContourROAM helps you capture your favorite adventures anywhere and everywhere easier than ever before! A great gadget for those who like to document their extreme outdoor adventures.

1. Invisibility Cloak for Military Vehicles

Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak notion is coming to life and being tested in military operations as seen in this video. This cloak is basically a sheet of hexagonal pixels that can change temperature very quickly. On board cameras then pick up the background scenery then display that infrared on to the cloak, allowing it to match its surrounding. It can also change into other things.

4. Koostiks Mini Koo Wood Powered Speaker

Relying on the natural acoustics of wood to increase the volume and sound of your favorite tunes, the Koostiks Mini Koo Wood Powered Speaker is a smaller version of Koostiks’ original wood powered speaker. Packed with all the same properties as its big brother, the Mini Koo is the perfect speaker for when you want to take your music on the go thanks to its sleek design and small package.

3. Fujifilm Finepix x10 Camera

The Fujifilm Finepix x10 Camera not only takes good photos, but it’s a sturdy machine that’s build for wear and tear use. It features a lightweight, yet ultra-strong, die-cast magnesium alloy body that will endure almost anything. Unlike many point and shoot cameras, this one boasts a wide variety of manual options, including a manual focus ring.

2. In Case Of 8-bit Emergency

A work of art indeed! The one-off “In Case Of 8-bit Emergency” art piece features an old school Nintendo Zapper gun with 8-bit bullets (made out of paper) that are fashioned to appear like those in the NES game “Super Mario Bros.” It’s already been sold, which is too bad, because old school gamers would definitely appreciate something like it hanging on their walls.

1. Wicked Laser’s S3 Krypton Laser

With the ability to fire 85 miles, Wicked Laser’s S3 Krypton Series laser is the real deal and is powerful enough to be viewed from space. This thing can definitely cause someone to go blind!

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