It’s Friday…the day you’ve been waiting for all week! Just one more day unit your weekend begins. As you eagerly count down the hours until you can leave work, entertain yourself by checking out the top Tech Videos and Gadgets for the week! New Nikon cameras, a yacht and footage of that horrible plane crash in Reno plus more will make those never-ending hours go a bit faster!

8. Bamboo Glass Water Bottle

The Bamboo Glass Water Bottle is a safer option than drinking out of a plastic or metal bottle since it’s safer from a chemical standpoint, won’t wear out over time and won’t taint the flavor. But the bamboo shell is also a thin insulator, but really, it just looks good! And for only $25, we think it’s a score!

7. NERF Vortex Nitron

The NERF Vortex Nitron is an ultimate NERF toy that isn’t just for kids! It can blast up to 20 NERF discs at 25-feet in rapid succession thanks to its battery-powered motor. And to help you nail your target, the Vortex Nitron includes a Centerfire Tech Electronic Scope that uses pulsing targeting lights. The NERF Vortex Nitron is available now from Amazon for about $44 (but you’ll also need to get 6 1-1/2-volt C or LR 14 alkaline and two 1-1/2-volt AAA or R03 batteries).

6. Logitech Harmony Link

Logitech’s new Harmony Link connects your iPad to your home theater gear by utilizing a small box that translates WiFi signals into infrared commands, but it does it in style! A much neater and sleeker package than that of Thinkflood’s Red Eye remote, Harmony Link has: its own app, which includes programming info from Rovio; allows you to setup macro commands, such as turn on the TV and the Blu-ray in one stroke; and increase the volume of your speakers with the swipe of a finger or flip between channels. It goes on sale next month for $99.99.

5. Nikon J1 and V1 Pocket DSLR Cameras

Nikon just announced info on its new J1 and V1 Pocket DSLR Cameras that feature an interchangeable lens, HD video capture and superfast autofocus that is supposed to be the best. The Nikon J1 will go on sale on October 20th for $649.95 and will include a 10-30mm lens kit. Alternatively, for $899.95 you can pick up the Nikon V1 with a 10-30mm lens kit. Oh, and did we mention these babies come in various colors?!

4. Gray Design Sovereign Luxury Yacht

Oh to be rich and be able to afford Gray Design’s Sovereign 300-foot luxury yacht. It’s actually an eco-friendly yacht since the mast contains a wind turbine that collects energy along an array of solar panels that are on the roof, which helps power the lighting system and juice up the on board battery system. It also features an infinity pool, helicopter pad, a Jacuzzi covered by a retractable sun cover, three floors, nightclub, cinema, gym, library and a beach club which looks up through the floor of the helipad. It’s basically a mansion that floats!

3. Electric Tron Light Cycle Parker Brothers Choppers In Action

Check out the full scale Electric Tron Lightcycle driving in the daytime as well as nighttime. In case you don’t know, this bike has had extensive reworking on the body, as well as Lithium Ion batteries and a 96volt electric motor in order to look like the Light Cycle in the movie Tron. It’s built by Parker Brothers Choppers and can be yours for only $55,000.

2. Video Footage of Reno Air Show Crash

This past Saturday was a horrific crash that killed six people at a Reno Air Show when a 1940′s World War II-era plane crashed. New, yet shocking, footage has surfaced that shows the plane just a few hundred feet overhead before it took it went down. Thanks to technology, videos and images were up on the net within minutes, which goes to show how fast news reaches the public now. Before you had to wait for news people to give you the story; now you can get it on the net minutes after it occurs.

1. Camera App Pastes Another Person’s Face Onto Your Own

Faces from

Arturo Castro has created a new app that can paste another person’s face onto your own, which he shows off in his “faces” video. The app is somewhat like the motion capture technology seen in Avatar, but uses real people. He built the app using some tools that he borrowed from others, including a coder at WETA Digital (they did The Lord Of The Rings movies’ special effects). So cool!

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