TGIF! Just one more workday until you can enjoy your weekend. And to get you through the last couple of hours, here’s a roundup of the top tech videos and gadgets for the week!

8. Water Printer

The Osaka Station has a waterfall fixture, or water printer, that can create images from the falling water. A pretty unique thing that seems to fascinate onlookers.

7. iPhone 4 Illuminated Apple Logo Modification

An England-based modifier has created a cool modification that will illuminate the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone 4 handset when you receive a text or a call. It’s supposed to come out in October, but not for consumers. Too bad because it’s  a seriously cool concept!

6. Revolight Bike Lights

Here’s a neat bike gadget that will help with your night rides. The Revolight is an LED ring of lights that mount to the bike’s front and rear tire rims, which allow motorists to clearly see you coming and helps light your path. Right now it’s a Kickstarter project and you’ll need to pledge a minimum of $200 to have a pair. Not bad for those serious hardcore cyclists out there.

5. Levitatr Bluetooth Keyboard

The Levitatr is an iPad-compatible Bluetooth keyboard that with a push of a button, elevates its keys from the device’s glossy face and then retracts them back slowly into the body when not in use. This keeps the keys safe from crumbs, dirt and debris when stored away. Oh, and it also sports a sleek design. Right now it’s actually a Kickstarter project that asks for at least a $79 donation if you want one for yourself.

4. Video Game in a Box

If you enjoy playing “Super Mario Bros.” then you’ll definitely enjoy this “Video Game in a Box” video! Turns out some gamer mimicked the popular NES game and made his own video game using a box and a few other components including some LED lights. It even has its own sound effects! While it may not be as fun as the actual video game, if you think it’s still cool and want one for yourself, the parts are available via a Kickstarter project.

3. Nike Air Mag Sneakers

Based on Marty McFly’s sneakers in “Back to the Future 2,” Nike’s new and limited edition Air Mag Sneakers are the hottest commodity in footwear. With only 1,500 versions of the iconic sneaker being sold (via auction), the proceeds will go toward developing a cure for Parkinson’s disease since Michael J. Fox is part of the project. While it may not be the nicest looking sneaker around, it’s still pretty cool since it’s the first rechargeable sneaker from Nike (it has LED lights that turn on by pinching the “ear” of the high top). Good luck getting your hands on a pair because they’re selling for a pretty hefty chunk of change.

2. Sphero Robotic Ball Controlled by Your Phone

For those who have feline friends and an iPhone, the Sphero robotic ball will provide you with awesome footage to make your own funny cat video. To control the ball, all you need to do is download an app that’s available for Android/iPhone. From there, you either shake your phone to move the ball or use the screen controls an torture the hell out of your cat!

1. Paraswift: A Base Jumping Robot

A robot that can base jump? Yup, and it goes by the name Paraswift. It’s the first robot that can climb a vertical surface and then deploy a paraglider to make it safely back on the ground. Robots are getting more and more advanced, with Paraswift demonstrating how they are now becoming more versatile at moving around in human environments. Looks more like this is one step closer to a future robot takeover.

Kristie Bertucci

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