Thanks to new technology, classic board games we’ve come to love as children have evolved to include electronic elements to their game play to fit modern times. These digital makeovers add some cool electronic features that add and enhance gameplay (as well as price). We’ve compiled some of your favorite classic board games that are now considered electronic board games!

8. Guess Who Extra

The classic game gets some fun extras with Guess Who Extra, such as an electric timer, light and sounds that all make for more fun! As the deluxe version, it has 6 different character themes and 120 new characters to play with and all the game pieces are contained in a new case for fun on the go!

7. Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice

Play your favorite trivia game just like how you used to play as a kid, but read questions off an electronic unit instead of the traditional cards with the updated Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice version! But now you can easily customize the trivia game by downloading your own questions, making game play a bit more personal than before. You can also download up to 1,800 questions from more than 100 micro categories of your choice free!

6. Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition

Monopoly goes digital with its Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition that adds a special new banking card system. While the rest of the classic game remains the same, the paper money has been replaced with credit cards that you swipe with the middle console every time your earn or owe money. Properties are also new and features he upscale blue Times Square to the economy purple Texas Stadium. In this game, you can go to jail for identity theft or lose $1 million when a virus infects your computer network. And of course, property values are exponentially higher than in the original game.

5. Electronic Battleship Advanced Mission

The ultimate sea duel game in a new electronic form, Electronic Battleship Advanced Mission features wailing sirens and flashing lights that add to the intense gameplay. Match your wits with your opponent in four different games or play solo as you challenge the board on three different skill levels.

4. The Game of Life Twists & Turns

Like the original, The Game of Life & Twists is still a fun family game. The new LIFEPod keeps track of player’s money and helps manage the game, while a fake VISA card stores your money. Offering more choices and possibilities than the original, the updated version also flaunts a new price…that’s in the hundreds!

3. Scrabble Flash Cubes

As the electronic version of the classic game, Scrabble Flash Cubes will challenge you to make words out of the electronic tiles! But this version goes above and beyond the original version and allows you to put your word skills to the test with three different solo and competitive games, while sliding, swapping and shuffling your way to victory!

2. Battleship Live

The game of naval warfare has undergone a total digital makeover. Half board game and half video game, the new Battleship Live will feature a central tower with an infrared camera hidden inside that’s able to automatically detect where all of the ships and other pieces like cannons and spy planes are on the board. The upgraded Battleship Live will become available later this fall.

1. Monopoly Live

Monoply has undergone several makeovers in the last decade, as the original now sports different themes, as well as a special new bank. But Monoply Live takes the game to an entirely new level and incorporates a computer into the mix. The paper money and dice has been removed and replaced by a red tower in the middle of the board that uses infrared technology to track each player’s piece, counts their money and tells them where they need to land on the board. There are also new board “events” that involve a horse race, auctions and the ability to upgrade your properties’ utilities to eco-friendly. Expect to see this version on shelves for this year’s holiday shopping season!

Kristie Bertucci

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