Thank God for the Internet and hot ass celebrities being dumb enough to think that their “private” naughty photos will stay just that…private. Thanks to hacker, angry exes and stolen devices, new celebrity nude photos are hitting the web practically every week! But, hey, we’re not complaining because some of these Hollywood starlets and music chart toppers are mighty fine! All we can say is thank you technology!

6. Leighton Meester

It seems the “Gossip Girl” hottie did a sexy striptease back in the day, which ended up on the Internet back in 2009. There’s a rumor that she has a sex tape out somewhere, too, but she’s denied that. However, she admitted that the nude photos are her!

5. Ashley Greene

The Twilight star’s naked pictures leaked on the Internet has to be every teenage boy’s dream! Actually, it’s every guy’s dream given how amazingly beautiful the vampire cutie is. You gotta love young Hollywood and their high use of technology!

4. Cassie Ventura

Hip-hop crooner Cassie Ventura’s computer was hacked, which only meant some hot  nudie photos of the very attractive singer. Her pictures provide a whole new listening experience when her hit “Me & You” comes out on our playlist or on the radio. The best part was that she didn’t get too mad about it all, but instead tweeted: “Now stop acting like you haven’t seen a t***y “

3. Vanessa Hudgens

Former Disney actress Vaness Hudgens may seem like a goodie two shoes, but her leaked nudie pics say otherwise. The teen queen has a wild side to her, which we’ve all seen thanks to the Internet and some one who wanted the world to see…thank God!

2. Rihanna

It doesn’t surprise us that wild gal Rihanna has a nipple ring. Oh, how do we know…naked bathroom shots where the singer reveals all! The nude photos are the result of some naughty texts to a former lover.

1. Christina Aguilera

Now we know why they call her “Xtina!” Right after she divorced former hubby Jordan Bratman and around the time of her last movie “Burlesque,” some racy photos of Christina showed up on the Web. While women were checking out her massive shoe collection, guys everywhere were liking her “girls.”

Kristie Bertucci

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