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Gray Design Sovereign 300-foot Yacht (video)


Mind blowing.  That’s how we feel when we lay eyes on the Sovereign, a 100 meter luxury yacht from Gray Design. Clearly targeted at the uber rich, this yacht boasts a an assortment of features that is fit for any sultan, king, queen or monarch.  The mast contains a wind...


Logitech Harmony Link

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Stop us if you’ve heard this one before.  A gadgets walks into a living room and promises to connect your iPad to your home theater gear utilizing a small box that translates WiFi signals into infrared commands.  Sound familiar?  If it does, that’s because we’ve seen this gadget before, more specifically the Red...

Planet Earth Box Set

Planet Earth Limited Edition Blu-ray Box Set


Call us suckers, but this “Planet Earth: Limited Edition” Blu-ray box set is product packaging at its best. Planet Earth is a multi-part series that aired on the Discovery channel in full HD a few years ago.  Despite the age of the series it continues to be massively popular thanks...

Burton Mix Master Glove

Burton Mix Master Gloves (video)


If you can afford to ski the slopes this winter than you’ll probably have enough cash to throw down for these iPhone compatible gloves from Burton that cost $160. The name, Mix Master Glove (and Mitt) – we hope it has nothing do with that MTV Spring Break DJ –...