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Fujifilm Finepix X10 Camera (video)


Most of today’s digital cameras look as sturdy as a plastic cup.  And probably many of you can attest to that claim after one drunken night out.  Not Fujifilm’s Finepix X10 camera.  The camera’s body is built from lightweight, yet ultra strong, die-cast magnesium alloy.  Course, this shooter is anything...

Phone Flask

iPhone Flask


Despite our economy falling to pieces, people still attend bars and clubs in droves.  The most expensive item?  Booze.  The margins on a bottle of alcohol are up to 90%, which means that the club owners are getting rich, provided of course they can keep the traffic flowing.  And whilte...

Light Pick Full

Light Pick LED Guitar Pick (video)

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One look at the Light Pick and you’d think it’s a one trick pony. But not true.  This handy guitar tool not only adds a cool effect that will surely wow any audience, but boasts some tech that makes it a worthy $25 investment. While we can’t comment on the...

Mini Koo

Mini Koo Wood Powered Speaker (video)


Koostiks first all wood audio dock for the iPhone, while attractive in its own right, is a bit too similar to the other plastic docks on the market.  Sure, it’s cool, since it doesn’t use electronics to amplify the iPhone’s audio, and instead depends on natural acoustics to increase the...

God of war 3 sex scene

7 of the Sexiest Video Game Sex Scenes (video/list)


Sex is everywhere—movies, film music, TV, art and more. So it’s only natural that it finds its way into video games. After all, hardcore gamers need to get their “fix” somewhere since they’re obviously not doing given they’re always stuck to the TV/computer with a controller in their hand. Because...

Seagate 4TB GoFlex front and side

Seagate 4TB GoFlex Review: Breaking Barriers


[rating:4.5/5] Seagate has been a name synonymous with computer storage since 1979 (they were Shugart Technology in 1978).  Throughout their history, they’ve had a number of “firsts” – they made the first 7200 rpm hard drive, the first hard drive with the Fibre Channel interface, the first 15,000 rpm hard...