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Master Plan

What the hell does Gamestop have to do with Apple?


Rumor is that Gamestop will not only start accepting iOS devices for in-store trade-ins, but that the massive videogame retailer will also begin selling iPhones for the largest technology company in the world, Apple. This rumor, coming straight out from the yearly Gamestop Manager’s Convention in Las Vegas, sounds ludicrous....

Krypton S3 Laser-2

Wicked Laser’s S3 Krypton Laser Fires 85 Miles

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Our skepticism meter is firing out of control, but we just can’t help but hope that Wicked Laser’s S3 Krypton Series laser is the real deal.  The company says that it can blast beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, reaching an unprecedented 85 miles.  In other words, it’s powerful enough to be viewed from...

Atari Arcade iPad Stick

Atari Arcade iPad Dock


There is no doubt that gaming on the iPad is here to stay.  In fact it’s gotta be the top 3 things people do on the 10-inch device.  So much so that Atari partnered with ThinkGeek, who outsourced to ION, to produce the iCade.  It started as an April Fool’s...


Movie Mount for iPad 2 (video)


The iPad 2 can record 720p video.  In other words hi-def.  Unlike the iPhone, though, it’s form factor doesn’t make it a practical shooter. On the other hand, editing footage on the iPad is far more suitable than the iPhone since it sports a much larger screen.  So what’s the...

In case of 8-bit

In Case of 8-Bit Emergency


While we’d like to hope that no explaination is needed, there might be a bit of confusion.  You see, this is actually a piece of art work.  It’s a one off piece and has already been sold.  It’s called “In Case Of 8-bit Emergency…”  Pretty fitting, wouldn’t you say? If...

Angry Birds Speakers

Angry Birds Speaker Helmet Pig


We must have been fooling ourselves when we thought the Angry Birds phenomenon had finally subsided.  The game, which originally exploded to popularity on Apple’s iOS platform, has been repurposed as a movie, a board game, an iPhone case and probably a variety of other products that we’d rather just not know about. So...


Sony HMZ-T1 Head Mounted Display (video)


With millions of dollars you might be able to squeeze a 62-foot screen into your mansion’s basement, but that certainly won’t negate the logistical issues.  Do you realize just how big 62-feet is?  Think medium sized sail boat and suddenly you’ll realize how disgusting large that is.  And we’re not talking wide,...


Smart Forvision Concept


Daimler has teamed up with chemicals giant BASF to create one totally futuristic micro machine concept, the Smart Forvision, that they plan on showing off at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Not only does it sport some heavy sci-fi styling cues, but the concept also features some very cool green technology...