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Luna SST
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Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

193 Comments to Win An XtremeMac: Luna SST Alarm Clock From GadgetReview

  1. Roy McBride

    Like Gadget Review on facebook. Roy McBride
     MY current alarm clock is very old and had an antenna at one time. There are a few buttons that get stuck and I have to spend extra time setting it.

    roym at cableone dot net

  2. My current alarm is broken( so I really need a new one.
    Like on FB (Tammy Greer)
    LuckyTJG at cs dot com

  3. Thanks for the giveaway…my current alarm clock is a beat-up old clock radio with the old painted numbers that flip to change hours & minutes…had it since I was a kid.
    …”like” GadgetReview / Facebook: bryan eason

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  4. i liked you on facebook.. the alarm i have now sucks really bad.. its a old cheap one from the dollar store and alot of times it doesnt even wake me up ! lol

  5. My current alarm is an annoying beep beep beep clock that I can easily turn off or snooze.  The CD player portion of it is broken.  Bummed.
    heatherpooh (hotmail)

  6. I've had my alarm clock for at least eight years, maybe longer. It's been knocked off the nightstand (not by me trying to turn it off but by cats or accidentally) that the top has fallen off and been lost. I'm lucky it still works.

  7. mail4rosey

    I like you on FB (Sarah Smile) and my current alarm is an old fashioned AM/FM radio version I've had forever and a day, but the battery door cracked a few months ago (I've tossed it away because it was not holding in place) which is a big pain.  I'm ready to upgrade.

  8. melissa.63

    So My current alarm clock is a dinosaur I have had for years and years!!! Who ever goes out with the intention of buying a new alarm clock for themselves???  BUT if I had this one I could get up in style!!!

  9. Miguel Maldonado

    Nice giveaway, my current alarm is my iPhone 4, love the phone hate the sound it makes, so this would be great! :)

  10. Tonya Dean

    I liked you on Facebook – Tonya Dean
    My alarm clock was bought for $10.00 a year ago. Still works.

  11. i have a sony cube clock radio alarm clock thats 15 years old. It crackles when you turn up the volume.  WOW. Im sure everyone can relate. Thanks for posting this prize!!! I THINK IT'S TIME TO GET  into 2011  LOL

  12. Liked you on fb as Kristen Morris-boss. I could really use this alarm clock since I'm in my 30s and still using the same clock Ive had since I was under 10! Good testimonial for that manufacturer though!
    blue65829 at aol dot com

    • Melissa Shirley

      i have a regular alarm clock that gets no reception on the radio. the only thing that comes on perfectly is the Spanish music channel and i do understand it!

  13. My current alarm is old and the radio and cd functions quit along time ago. So I wake too a loud buzzer. I am a FB follower.

  14. My alarm clock is an old cell phone.  It doesn't work %100  of the time and could really use a new one!

  15. My alarm clock is SO old.  I think I've had it for 12 years now.  It's very unreliable.  I know one day it's not going to do it's job anymore!

  16. Im a FB Travis York. My current alarm cock is a 1975 Panasonic RC-6005B. Its horribly outdated and the noise is annoying. So its effective in its function, but its in need of an upgrade dearly!!!!

  17. Thorn_matthew

    My current alarm keeps central standard time but I live in the east coast zone.  Heartbreaking but I am technologically challenged and no matter how many times I try and fix it the darm thing returns to the previous setting.

  18. Kristi81979

    I have had the same alarm clock for 13 years!!! I am in desperate need of a new one that is not so outdated ..

  19. Just Liked your FB Page! My current alarm is a super old clock radio. The radio doesn't work any more, because somewhere  along the way the wire antenna was broken. Would love to have a clock radio that played tunes again!

  20. I like you on facebook.  My current alarm is over 15 years old – of course there's not an iPhone dock in it, so I reallllllly want this one!

  21. Justduckie69

    My current alarm clock is old..real old and some of the buttons don't work like they used to – some not at all.  :-D

  22. I currently use the alarm on my phone wich doesnt work cause it dies before its time to go off. Dustin Seasholtz on the FB

  23. fb fan xferriza2 danielle b

    my current alarm is at least 15 years old and i have to have a backup alarm. it has a cassette player in it!


  24. Derek Hoffmann

    My alarm is currently an app on my android cell phone. It's called wake up or die. You have to shake the phone constantly until the alarm turns off. The main problem with it is that you can also hit the back button to turn it off. So when I am half asleep I just tend to hit that button instead of waking up. I have attempted to find other alarm apps but they don't always go off. So until i find another alarm clock I'll just have to deal with it! Wish me luck in waking up in college this semester!

  25. Tesa Shelton

    Currently my alarm clock won't wake me up. It's a cheapo, and I hate it!  If I won, I'd give it to my son, who is old enough now to get himself up in the mornings!

  26. christyschultz

    My current alarm clock is about 15 years old. Some of the buttons are broken off, but it still works. I have two alarms set on it and keep one set for the weekdays and one for the weekends…so I don't have to change the time…cause of the broken buttons.

  27. my current alarm clock isn't even an alarm clock. its my phone. its not all that loud and sometimes I forget to set it, and even then sometimes it dies if i forget to charge it. not practical at all.

    thanks again!

  28. Kenneth Hart

    OMG, my current alarm has 2 different alarm times.  Which is great….when they actually go off.  I've been late to work so many times.  Its best feature, is the ability to hear the radio or buzzing when the alarm goes off.

  29. I just liked you on facebook and DEFINITELY need a new alarm. Actually, more like an alarm period. I'm definitely not a morning person and the alarm on my cellphone just isn't cutting it.

  30. MamiSanchez

    I like GR on FB (Michelle S). My alarm is currently my iPhone, but I've missed a flight due to it malfunctioning.

  31. I “like” you on facebook. I currently have an old school alarm that has been thrown against the wall a lot.

    frazzledmama30 at gmail dot com

  32. I'm a fan of yours on FB. My current alarm clock, that's easy to explain. I don't have one. I rely on the alarm on my cell phone to wake me up. It's burned me a few times when my phone decides to randomly shut off or run out of batteries. It's probably about time I join the rest of the adult population and get a real alarm clock….

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  34. I like you on Facebook and my current alarm clock is the standard alarm clock from the past 20 years….I think I may have gotten it in my first apartment after college in 1993!

  35. Mrmitchell86

    Right now imjust using myiphone alarm to wake me up. Pretty sad i now . So the alarm clock would be perfect for me.espeically since i have to get up really early starting soon haha so yeah. I liked the facebook page.

  36. Staceymh725

    My current alarm is on my busted Blackberry that doesn't always work or it goes off when it isn't supposed to.

  37. I'm ready for out with the old and in with the new, please consider me to have this awesome clock,
                           Thanks just for the chance, this is another item on my bucket list…..

  38. Allies1986

    liked you on fb!(allie.sansing)

    My current alarm is the iPhone alarm which isnt loud enough to wake me up and i actually find the guitar strum and most of the other alarm tone setting soothing so no help there! I need something to get me up and going and i think this could be it!!!

  39. Liked you on FB…I use my cell for my alarm…works great if I remember to charge it lol
    mmw8306 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  40. Jennifer Azbill

    I'm a FB friend (Jennifer Azbill) My current alarm clock is the kind that projects the time on the ceiling, sounds cool…BUT it has a mind of it's own & only goes off when it feels like it. Thanks so much for the chance to win a better one!

  41. Liked you on FB. 

    My current alarm is actually a similar alarm where it has an Ipod dock also.  I love it!  I would love to win this to put away for a Christmas present for a family member. =)

  42. kalookalei

    I currently have three alarms stationed around the room set at 10 minutes apart. Do you believe I'm not easily waken?

  43. follow you on fb as charline stanley
    My current alrm clock came from a yard sale works well enough

  44. Valeriy Maksymiv

    I rarely use iPhone alarm – but would like to have a clock visible in darkness with dock for my iPhone :)

  45. My alarm is the one purchased for 14.99 at walgreens. nonetheless, i wish i had a better one..especially since i can connect my iphone/ipod too. :D

  46. I just liked on Fb and our current alarm is a crappy old thing that is basic old school type alarm. I cannot stand the burrrrrppppp burrrrpppp noise it makes!!!! Ready for a new one for sure!!!

  47. Christopher Chambers

    My current alarm clock is a tiny radioless little thing that goes “BEEP BEEP BEEP”……Not much to wake up to!

  48. liked you on FB. I have an old CD playing alarm clock. Now that I finally have an iPod, I would love to have this alarm/charger. sweet!
    jeanlynd at att dot net

  49. Jill Myrick

    I am a fan via Facebook as Jill Myrick.
    Our current alarm is just a typical $10 alarm clock from Walmart. Definitely nothing to brag about.


  50. i have a Sony dream machine and it is relay cool because it set the right time by its self it is cool
    nc23626@gmail:disqus .com

  51. I like on fb :)  Currently, my alarm clock is the app. I have on my cell phone.  This would definitely be a huge improvement!

  52. My current alarm is just a run-of-the-mill digital clock with alarm. No bells or whistles.
      I like you on Facebook.

  53. I liked you on FB and my alarm is on my phone with just the ringer.  I need something for my ipod or phone to wake me up!!!! Thanks

  54. My current alarm clock is my cell phone, which has been known to remain on silent (if I fall asleep without turning up the volume) and has made me late on several occasions. I could definitely use an actual alarm clock.

  55. Elizabeth Richter

    Following you on FB! 
    My current alarm clock is my IPhone. 

  56. I like your Facebook fan page as Gaye M. and my current alarm is a pretty sad sight to behold.  It's a Magnavox and I bet it's 25 years old, but it still works with a piercing buzz.   mcgillrmcgill(at)charter(dot)net

  57. like GadgetReview FB as kyhere here and I have a loud ass alarm too far away from my bed to turn off without getting up.  It's a horrible recurring electronic beep.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  58. My alarm makes a whisper noise from the hundreds of times Ive dropped it trying to hit the snooze button!

  59. I'm still using the little white cube alarm clock I had in high school… and I graduated in 1979!   Remember those?  They came in different colors to match other electronics at the time.  Mine is white, or rather was white – its a yellowed white now – showing its age.  Its very hard to set the time and/or alarm after a power outage and sometimes the alarm doesn't go off.  When the electricity fluctuates, the time jumps ahead 5 minutes.  At least it does have AM and FM.  I'd sure love to win a new alarm clock!

  60. Mareed2avet

    Hubby and I have two cheap alarm clocks, one set for me, the other for him, plus cell phones to wake us up in case the alarm doesnt….would be nice to have one alarm clock for both of us saving space and the hassle of setting two alarms….I liked ya'll on fb!

  61. I use a $3 alarm clock i bought at Dollar General which barely wakes me up, and the rest of the time i just hope my girlfriend calls and wakes me up.

  62. Esther Lee

    liked as Esther Lee

    My alarm clock is an old cell phone that is no longer in service. My other alarms aren't loud enough to wake me (:

  63. Michael Brennan

    My old alarm clock is so old it doesn't have a battery backup
    liked as Mark Brennan
    tweeted as mbrennan37c

  64. My current alarm is an old brookstone alarm that sets itself. The only problem is that they moved daylight savings so for two weeks in the spring and two weeks in the fall it is wrong. :(

  65. Srisenburg

    Liked your facebook page.  My current alarm clock is over 20 years old….got it in 8th grade….and it's just starting to go.  The volume only goes up so far anymore.

  66. My current alarm is a regular clock radio… older than the hills.. it has a regular alarm on it, beeping and it annoys me and makes me want to throw it out the window… lol

  67. My current alarm is a horrific noise on my iphone… it can wake the dead. Not a nice way to wake up!

  68. smilekisses

    Like you on FB. Right now I use a traditional wind up alarm clock. This would be awesome.

  69. SemiAutoAZ

    My current alarm is a pain. The LED's are fading in and out so sometimes I cannot even see what time it is. The alarm noise works, but it pisses me off when i can't see the time! Please help me get a new one! ;)

  70. My current alarm is a Sony dock that I would like better if it worked regularly. It always charges, but sometimes won't play the radio or the iPhone music. :(

  71. rebeccagraham

    Like your Facebook page: Rebecca Honey Graham
    My current alarm clock is a battery operated small clock.

  72. margaretsmith

    I'm a FB friend (Margaret E. Smith) My current alarm is a clock/radio type of alarm.  Nothing special, just a basic alarm.
    Thanks so much for offering this great prize.

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