Toshiba Thrive AT105-T1016  10.1-inch 8GB Android 3.1 Tablet

Macmall via eBay has even more tablet savings to share with you guys, this time on the new Toshiba Thrive AT105-T1016 10.1-inch 8GB Android 3.1 Tablet!

Now here’s a tablet to get you started in the world of portability. The Toshiba Thrive is the new device in town and it’s definitely a heavy contender with it’s large 10.1-Inch display pushing eye catching visuals and of course a nice copy of Android 3.1 to power it. And don’t let the small price tag fool you either, this tablet can do it all; and that’s everything from being powered by a speedy nVidia Tegra 2 processor to having built-in GPS + Bluetooth capabilities. It also has dual front and back cameras, full-size HDMI output, SD Card support, 8GBs of internal memory and the most interesting bit being the removable battery which allows you to carry extras and switch out to keep you going longer. There are also a variety of docking stations which are sold separately which can add additional functionality as it becomes needed to suite your tastes.

For a limited time Macmall via Ebay sells it for $379.99.  This tablet usually retails for well over $450

Troy Coutu

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