Tamron 18-270mm PZD B008 Lens Review

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6 Comments to Tamron 18-270mm PZD B008 Lens Review

  1. Mmichel2895

    I am a novice and own a Cannon EOS T2i. It came with both lens EF 70-300 and standard. I would like to find a lens that will have a wide angle and zoom for sports (volleyball). Would this lens be good? I use the 70-300 but find that I cannot obtain the full picture of the court, I need a wider angle.

    Would appreciate your help.

    • Shawn Kline

      I believe that it would meet your needs – when I used it, the lens was perfect for both tighter and wider angle shots than my other lenses. Depending on how far you are, I think it would be able to capture a volleyball court good

  2. Wonderful review. Learned a lot about the 18-270mm Tamron lens. Just bought one and hope to have many years of enjoyment.



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