There is nothing worse than not knowing if you’ve been shot.  Chances are that won’t be the case if you’re hit with an actual bullet.  We’re actually referring to police training or just a friendly game of laser tag.  So what’s an aspiring gun shot wound victim, or inducer, to do?

Drop $2,500 and get the StressVest.  It delivers a real time shock, up to 4,500 volts, when your mark has been hit with a real gun retrofitted with one of their compatible, eye safe lasers.   For police force trainees this is essential since it induces stress and provides a more real world experience, demanding them to think under the pressure of not only gun fire, but the possibility of actually being wounded in the line of fire.  With each subsequent hit the voltage (i.e. stress) can automatically be increased. And unlike paintball, there is no mess to clean up and the chances of an unprotected individual being hit from a stray shot are zero to none.

In the event you’re looking for a more casual experience – you’ll need to have a federal ID to pick one of these up – the StressVest can be set to a vibration mode.  Additionally, shooting distances can mimic that of the would be actual ammunition, and the lasers work through windows or windshields.

Source | Via: Uncrate

Christen Costa

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